Web Development using open source CMS like WordPress is a great platform and one that does manage to offer amazing opportunities for both bloggers and businesses alike. But unfortunately this particular platform is not trouble-free, because you can also have security issues and other similar concerns which means that you have to address them as fast as you can and with the best results in mind. With that in mind, here are some great tips to help you make the most out of WordPress security and improve it when needed.

wordpress security tips
Upgrade often
If you use plugins or even the vanilla WordPress it’s always a good idea to upgrade. These upgrades will allow you to stay one step in front of any security issues that might appear so it’s a very good idea to address them the best way you can.

Always hide the version number
Sometimes the WordPress sites will show the current version and you want to avoid that. Instead, what you want to do is to make sure that you hide the version number so that hackers won’t know what version you have. This way hacking is a lot harder for them.

Make sure that you install reliable plugins
Many plugins can come with security threats, some actually have buggy codes and these can easily be injected with malware so it’s a good idea to check ratings, the number of downloads and other things that will show you how important and relevant a plugin really is. Try to perform upgrades the right way as well.

Secure the admin account
Always try to ensure that you have a custom admin account because if you use the default one you will most likely get attacked very fast. It’s a good idea to change the credentials often as this will offer you a more secure way to deal with the entire set of issues you can encounter here.

Try to disable directory browsing
Sure, it might be helpful for you but not all WordPress users will be able to check your directories and that’s why you need to work hard in order to prevent this. A nice way to disable this is to upload an index.html file that’s blank in each of the directories.

Track any hacking attempts
WordPress has a plugin names Wassup that allows you to record details of each user data. It’s an amazing way to see what users are attacking you and when, all so that you can respond faster.

Try to prevent issues
Always maintain antivirus software up to date and make sure that you keep the backups safe for all our content. Doing backups often will allow you to prevent any major damage. Also, remember to use strong passwords and change them often as this will allow you to get the best possible experience at all times. Remember to opt for premium themes as these are usually more secure than the normal ones!

wordpress security tips
Try to keep all of these tips in mind and you will have no problem managing the best WordPress Security tips. Remember, a good set of tools will always help you stay safe so keep that in mind and you will love the outcome for sure!

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