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It seems that the Apple Pay service is soon going to come in the Singapore region, at least according to the latest official information that can be found online. According to American Express, they are going to provide complete support for their cardholders which want to access the Apple Pay service in Singapore, and they will also extend the service in a few other locations as well.

Apple payment Singapore will be a solution that allows you to store the user credit card on any iOS device and then you can make payments just by placing your device in front of a supporting cash register. The solution will be able to eliminate plenty major concerns about stability and security in the online payment world and the process will be seamless, without any human input being necessary.

Although the Apple payment service is already available in the US, other countries are still adopting it and we will be able to have Apple payment Singapore very soon, sometime in the beginning of 2016 to be more precise, according to the American Express.

AMEX also stated that the card holders will be able to receive real time notifications that pertain to their purchases and at the same time they will have a seamless interaction with the mobile app so they can monitor the purchases but also access any rewards that they might be able to take. On top of that, the Apple payment Singapore will also include a wide range of offers that users will be able to access at all times.

According to AMEX officials, Apple payment Singapore is considered as being the most important service to be introduced next year and one that will definitely the face of online purchases as we know them.

It can be hard to determine how much will this actually change the online payment world, but one thing is certain, the program has an astounding success overseas so there’s plenty of potential to garnish amazing results in Singapore as well, it all comes down to its integration, because there’s plenty of demand for this particular service, that’s something we all know.

Since the service is set to arrive in the beginning of 2016, there are plenty of possibilities to be had here, so we definitely look forward to see how it will be implemented, one thing is certain, there are tons of unique features to be had here, so we look forward to see the new era of paying online come in front!

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