What is the point of Copywriting in Singapore?

The whole marketing world is obsessed about copy and content. All the companies are jumping into the bandwagon. But what is the objective of copy?

Some of you might answer. To sell, to convert etc. Although true. There is a simpler explanation to copywriting and why we do it. It’s to make the user go to the next line. The objective of this sentence is to persuade the user to read the next sentence.

That’s it.

The title should make the reader want to read the content and the content should make the reader read more content, until they convert.

Copywriting is persuasion and getting the attention of the user, every step of the way.

Singapore Copywriters

Novatise offers copywriting services of the highest expertise to extend our marketing strategies and cater to clients’ needs. Content being a support our marketing savvy with quality copywriting to ensure the best outcome for your business.

From blogs to eBooks and newsletters, our dedicated team of full-time content writers boast a vast range of tones, styles and experience in writing quality, engaging content to optimise your brand. It is with this certainty that we can guarantee the presence of qualified Singapore copywriters in-house to deliver the best results.

Our team of professional copywriters can deliver the full suite of writing capabilities, including business writing for your brand’s website. Once briefed by your team of business experts on the details of the website, the trained content writers at Novatise will utilise their skills in search engine optimisation and various other digital marketing tactics to fulfil your content requirements.

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Web Content Writing

Be it copy for your website’s home page, services page or “About us”, or if you just want content covering trending topics, press releases and new based articles, we can swiftly produce content incorporating all the key elements, backed by the guidance of industry experts. The team conducts comprehensive research and interviews to identify the goals of the business, its products and services to ensure that the articles written are sound and meaningful.

At Novatise we understand the power of web content. Our entire business has been built on copy and that is something we want to offer our clients as well.

We write high quality web copy that sell your product and most importantly your vision. We believe every business has a story to tell and we use the power of words to communicate that.

We understand your product or service. We strategise ways to communicate your offering and we execute.

Copywriting Services Singapore

Content Creation for your Web and Landing Pages

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Our Copywriting Services

Copywriting isn’t just about stringing words together. It has a process that needs to be followed.

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Before any copy is written. Before even a word is thought of. We delve into research.

We do bigger picture research : What is this copy? Who is it for? What is the purpose?

We also do detailed research : What is the product or service? What are its benefits? How is it better the competition? Are there any advantages to using this product?

The research convinces us of the product and its features. If we are not convinced with the product ourselves. We don’t go ahead with it.


Writing engaging content is an art. You’ll need an in.

What do we say that hooks the user? So when we get started writing, we focus on writing engaging content.

How does this work?

Most of us have seen a stand-up comedy video online and the bits that make us laugh is the bit that is most relatable. Stand-up comics aim to relate to the audience as much as possible.

It’s the same with copywriting. If there’s a problem that the reader faces, we need to communicate that and make them relate to the problem.


The tone of voice is clearly dependent on the audience. Should it be professional? Can it be casual.

The tone depends on the age, demographic, product that is being sold and so on. You don’t want to use shakespeare english to sell concert tickets. Unless, that resonates with the audience and works.

Understanding the Reader

This is a lot more detailed than most people think. You can’t write generic copy that is aimed at anybody unless it’s a general piece like this.

If you write product copy, it should be specific to the user.

Who is the user?

What do they do?

What do they want from the product?

All of this information will help with the content.

Great title

Like I mentioned earlier in the article. The objective of copy is to make the reader read the next line and the line after that and so on. Our writing process involves spending considerable time on the title because it’s the first line.

If the title is bad, the reader won’t even read the first line. The title should be perfect to intrigue users enough to make them click and read the content.


Last but not the least. SEO.

Optimizing content for search engines is key. We use a variety of on-page optimization strategies to make sure Google is crawling the page correctly and can rank it.

SEO has a lot more to it than just simple on-page optimizations and we won’t get into that in this article.

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Variety in Content for Copywriting Services Singapore

Business writing is often associated with reports and proposals, misconceived as boring content that bores the audience and fails to drive real results. It is our experience that the domain of business writing involves a lot more. We create compelling content that accomplishes the specific objectives of the website, from blogs to eBooks, infographics, email letters and social media updates, we have a content strategy for each form of writing.

Our strategy does not stop at writing alone; while the content writers give voice to your story, we have a whole team of graphic designers and videographers to further complement your business content. In order to maximise returns and deliver exactly what is required, our content writers liaise with your business team to help them develop a unique style and tone for your business website writing.

The content marketing strategist first scrutinises every information of the business. They then formulate an apt strategy to implement and execute content accordingly. Efficient project management and quality controls ensure that our writers deliver content to your team in a timely manner.

Simple Copy

Simple copy is where a product’s features are explained straight to the point. It’s straightforward. Most of Google’s web copy is simple copy that explains the product in the simplest terms and tells you what you can do.

This works for products that are simple, don’t need too much creativity and what you see is what you get.

Storytelling copy

Storytelling copy is selling products with a story. This can be a custom chocolate company that details the process of sourcing the cocoa in an interesting way or a cool backstory on the founding of the company.

Storytelling copy is a very popular method, simple because it works. People want to be told stories and they want to be engaged by the content.

Face to face copy

This is copy that talks to the reader directly. Imagine that you are selling the product to a prospective client face to face. This is conversational, casual and very direct. The user feels like you are speaking to them.

Iconic Copy

This is how Apple uses copy. They use superlatives like “The revolutionary new iPhone”. This is to bring in a sense of inspiration and awe at the product. This works for futuristic tech products or products that really change the way the world works.
What our clients said...
  • Anthony
    We entrusted Novatise with copywriting for our business and they did a tremendous job. To sell furniture, one needs to be descriptive and sell a dream and they did exactly that. I would recommend 10/10
    Wood Capitol
  • Charlene
    I am very happy with Novatise and the writing work they did for us. Their content increased our lead count, which helps with conversion. They are also a professional organization who kept us in the loop with all the marketing work they did for us. 
    SG Offices
  • Gerald
    Our homecare division has got a lot more enquiries after we started engaging with Novatise. Jon is a caring businessman and he listens patiently to what we want. His constant communication with the team makes our engagement smooth. The content writer understands the business very well.


“Content creation should be a fundamental part of every company’s business model.”

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