2019 is going to be a big year for SEO (As most years are). The sweeping changes, Google makes this year will have a big impact on rankings. One of the most important aspects of SEO for 2019 is the way content will be written.

Google’s AI push has caused major changes. AI requires structured data to be processed well and Google is slowly pushing content creators to be more structured in their process.

But is SEO effective in 2019, considering all the new channels? Is it the beginning of the end?

SEO is here to stay. Google’s revenues of billions of dollars are focused on making the search engines the best source of information, products and knowledge.

SEO Singapore 2019

Marketers need to have great plans in order to survive this big year. What is surprising about doing SEO in Singapore is still the lack of clarity about what it is and who it is for and how much it costs. This article will clear out the air.

Google Search and other search engines is one of the primary traffic generating channels for most of the websites. Companies make a lot of money from the traffic they receive from search engines.

Considering there is so much competition in SEO, there are two ways to get your page high up there in the results. One is paid advertising(Adwords) and the other is organically through the search engine.

The second part is what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now there are various techniques and strategies that talks about how to rank your pages high, but ultimately it requires an approach of a dedicated Local Singapore SEO Service Provider to see the results.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a magic pill and in most cases it takes weeks of effort. If you are in an industry that is even more competitive, it might take longer.

If you still do not recognise the value of SEO, read more about What is SEO to see how it works.

So what entails higher rankings in Google search through SEO this 2019?

Brand Name – Online Reputation : Companies that have a good online reputation do really well on Google Search

  • Content : Websites that rank high create high quality content with more than 1,500 to 2,000 words, generally.
  • Updated Blogs : Google like sites that are updated regularly, so make sure to update your content once or twice a week
  • Off Page Optimization : Building Backlinks is still one of the most important factors for ranking high on google. This is where SEO specialists come into the picture. When you are able to get the appropriate backlinks to your website from high authority sites, your rankings get boosted.
  • These are just some of the tips. What about the cost?
  • The truth is, the cost of SEO services vary. If you go to Fiverr.com, I am sure somebody is promising a number 1 ranking on google for $20. Is that a lie? Most likely. Do you judge a service based on cost? Yes, but that’s not the only criteria.
  • You should judge the service based on their process as well. Here are ways some SEO professionals charge

Moz has come up with an aggregated price range for SEO Services Pricing which is quite comparable than those those offered by the local SEO providers.

SEO Services Pricing in Singapore

Performance based SEO

Performance based SEO is straightforward. You pay the SEO experts based on the how high they can rank you. They do not get paid, unless you achieve your desired ranking. This is quite a good deal, but you need to keep in mind, if they achieve their goals, the post result payout may be exorbitant. This is a strategy followed by a lot of SEO professionals. The pricing for this is dependent on per keyword ranking or a bunch of keywords at a price. It’s normal to charge $500 for around 10 keywords.

Check out Novatise’s pricing HERE

Revenue based SEO

  • SEO is an ongoing process and it has a direct correlation to your revenue. Your SEO efforts increase and so does your revenue. The agencies take a cut of your revenue based on the impact they’ve had.
  • A few SEO agencies work with this model because it’s more long term and there is no magic pill to it. This is also a good strategy for companies that want to grow organically and in a legitimate way.
  • Revenue based SEO is always a percentage amount of the revenue you make from SEO based efforts. The percentage depends on the nature of the contract.

Monthly Retainer

  • A monthly retainer is when the SEO promises a set of services that will be done during a month and the client pay when the services are rendered. This may not be goal oriented, but more of task oriented.
  • A monthly retainer can be anywhere upwards of $1000.

Hourly Consulting

  • When you have limited budgets and an execution team, but you want say tips and strategies or maybe a very quick fix, hourly consulting works.

An hourly consulting gig can start from $100 for a single SEO specialist and $200 for a SEO agency.

Above are some of the SEO price packages in Singapore


Things you need be wary of when comes to “Promises” for Google Ranking

  • Instant Results

There are a lot of Black Hat SEO practitioners who promise you instant results. That is something you need to be wary of because, they might use a loophole to get ahead in rankings, but if it’s an illegitimate way of getting ahead according to Google, then your website will be penalised and you will lose rankings.

  • Ranking Promise and Upfront Payment

The promise of a No.1 ranking in a lot of cases isn’t a promise based on data. It is a promise based on wanting the business. It would be foolish of you to pay an upfront fee to a SEO practitioner on a promise that they will get your website to rank no.1. This can never be predicted and you’ll need to be careful.


What you SHOULD know about SEO in 2019

seo singapore

Things you need to keep in mind



SEO is a long term ploy

With immense competition, slow and steady actually wins the race. You need to be consistent and you need to be clever and work on your SEO. Short term promises do not work in the long-term and business is long-term. So monthly retainers where there is constant effort put in the SEO front is good for a business that is truly looking to improve.

There is no cheap and best prices

Pricing obviously plays a very important role. But you can’t expect fabulous results at a cheap price. Good SEO experts in Singapore charge heavy because they are focused on very few projects, they take their time to find niches and opportunities for you to profit from. They spend money on advanced tools and courses to improve their services. All of this is what adds to their cost.

Your rankings will change

SEO is not like winning a race. The race is never over. You may lose your ranking if you aren’t paying attention or aren’t performing at your best. You may lose rankings if somebody has bettered you in terms of content or social signals or another measure. You need to run a tight ship if you want to continue ranking high.

seo singapore novatise

Novatise’s Consult

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