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On April 21st, Google began downgrading any website in their rankings that is not what they consider “mobile-friendly.” Even if you think your website IS mobile-friendly, it may not be, according to Google’s own rules.

We know you may not be aware of such changes, but we’re messaging you with timely information that could be causing you to lose vital customers.

If you have an in-house developer, be sure to forward this to him so he can fix any issues, immediately.

The Update will be rolled out over several weeks so it may not have affected your site, yet.

Below is the link where you will be able to confirm if your site is mobile friendly.
If your site passes, you have nothing to worry about.

If it doesn’t, the tool will tell you exactly what you need to fix to comply with the April 21st update and ensure that you regain all of the lost mobile visitors to your website.

We hope you find the tool helpful in fighting Google’s biggest algorithm change in years.


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