Domain Authority is one of the most trending topics amongst the bloggers and the website developers these days. The concept of Domain Authority has come into a peachy trend by the gradual demise of the page rank system. The Domain Authority system proves to be a decider for the ranking of a specific website on the search engines. Hence, by increasing the Domain Authority of the website, the visibility of the website is increased on the search engines and this leads to the achievement of the objective regarding the development of the websites.


When it comes to website rating, Domain Authority is referred to as the metric measure that was started for this specific purpose by Moz and the rating is done on a scale between 1 to 100 in increasing order of significance and the quality of the website. Thus, the domain authority is used as a significant measure to decide the ranking of a specific website on the search engines.

For example, a site which has a domain authority of 100 is ranked first while another site which has a domain authority of 1 is ranked the lowest. Often, Domain Authority is simply referred to as DA and is interchangeably used as a measure of the SEO effort of the websites.

The ranking of the sites in terms of Domain Authority is done on the basis of around 40 ranking signals including the number of links pointing to the site, number of linking root domains etc. which come under the whole concept of Domain Authority. As the Domain Authority measures the authority of the domain, the page authority, on the other hand, measures the authority of a web page.


The website owners might need to check their Domain Authority and this can be done very easily. There are certain online tools available that solely contribute towards checking the domain authority of a specific website.

Here is one free tool that you can use.

small seo tool

However, the first ever tool to check the Domain Authority of a page was the Moz Open site explorer wherein the user needed to type in the domain and the subdomain addresses in the specified fields and the tool displayed the DA score almost instantly.

moz checker

The tool can also be used as an extension in some of the leading web browsers which makes the task even easier. The Mozbar extension is available on the Chrome and Firefox web browsers which can help the users to check the domain authority as well as the page authority. As the Domain Authority reflects the ranking of a website in the search engines, the website developers should target to increase the Domain Authority of the websites.


Mozrank and Moztrust play a crucial role in improving the domain authority of a specific website. The following section discusses in detail about the two terms.
Mozrank: The MozRank of a page is calculated depending on the number of links pointing to that specific webpage. Hence, it is the link profile of a domain which is used to decide the MozRank of any domain. Mozrank is done on a rating scale of 1 to 10 and the higher end is 10. It has been found that the average Mozrank rating of all the available web pages on the internet is 3.

Here Novatise score an rating of 5+ for both Mozrank and Moztrust

mozrank novatise
Moztrust: The method of Moztrust determination is also similar to that of Mozrank which involves judging the link profile of the domain Moreover, Moztrust depends on the connection of a specific website with a trusted website available on the web. The trusted websites on the web include the websites with .edu, .gov etc. In a nutshell, the distance of a trusted website from the specified website through connections is what is considered as the main factor for deciding the Moztrust of that website. Similar to Mozrank, Moztrust is specified in a range of ranks between 1 to 10.

The Domain Authority can be improved by taking into consideration these two factors. By increasing the Domain Authority of a website increases its chances of getting spotted through a search engine by increasing its ranking. Thus it is the Domain Authority of a website determines up to which extent the website overshadows other websites. Thus while link building for a blog, the bloggers should seriously consider gaining links from the websites with higher Domain Authority.


The ranking factors decide the domain authority of a specific website. If certain tweaks are implemented in these ranking factors, the domain authority of the website can be improved to a great extent and the ranking of the website on a search engine can be increased significantly. The following are some ranking factors that can be considered seriously for improving the Domain Authority of a website:

· Expiry date of the domain name: This is one of the strongest deciding factors for increasing the domain authority of a website. The search engines would generally prefer to keep the websites or domains with longer expiry dates over the ones which are not long-lasting. The trust factor for the long-lasting websites or the ones with longer expiry dates is higher than the others and thus improves the Domain Authority.

· Earn backlinks for the site: This is considered as one of the crucial factors to increase the domain authority of a website. The website developers should seriously consider earning backlinks for their respective websites and those especially from the quality sites only. If any automated methods are used for the purpose, more harm would be caused than good for the website.

· Try introducing diversity in the link profile: Often the developers think that getting a bunch of links from a few websites would be better since it is less troublesome. But getting the same number of links from a wider variety of websites counts ore as compared to the former. The only thing that should be taken care of is that all these backlinks should be fetched from the trusted sites only.

· Boost up the internal linking: the internal linking on the website should be improved as far as possible. The developers should consider linking two to three other posts from the same blog in each post. This tends to power up the posts as well as the Domain Authority of the website. One of the burning examples in this context is the Wikipedia website which has made the best possible use of internal linking.

· Try eliminating the bad links: Monitoring each and every backlink to the website makes this task very easy and smooth. While creating new links is vital, checking and eliminating the bad links is equally important. The website developers can make use of the Google Disavow Tool for ignoring all the bad links pointing to their respective websites.

· Gain the trust of the website readers: The developers must take a note that the readers of the website trust every page on the respective websites. Rather than choosing to publish more number of articles or posts on the site, the developers should solely focus on the quality of the content. They should make sure that each and every content that is published on the site is striking and is capable of grabbing eyeballs.

· SEO to the rescue: Search engine optimisation is a must for any website. The SEO holds the passkey for some controlling factors like user-friendliness of the website, the link juice that flows to the site, easy navigation on the site etc. which tend to enhance the Domain Authority of the website. The SEO for a website can be done by improving the sitemap of the website, maintaining the headings, meta title, meta descriptions of the website homepage etc.

· Loading time of the website: None of the users would ever prefer a site with extremely slow loading speeds and those which take much time to load. Hence, the developers should take a note that the websites should have a smaller loading time so as to get an increment in the Domain Authority and ultimately a better rank on the search engines.

· Adopt some great marketing strategies: The website developers should make sure that the brand and the content on the website has a great social media presence. If the users are motivated to share the content on the social media platforms, then it would even add more to the benefits. Thus, social media marketing plays a significant role in deciding the Domain Authority of a certain website.

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The Google Page Rank (PR) used to be ultimate decider for the functioning and ranking of a website until the advent of the concept of Domain Authority. As of now, the Domain Authority has risen to be considered as one of the most trusted measures for deciding the rank of a website on the search engines. The website developers should take measures to improve the Domain Authority scores of their respective websites which would further lead to better ranking.

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