The essentials of SEO

Looking back on the changes in the search optimization landscape of 2013, numerous marketers are wondering – and rightfully so – whether they should even bother with it. Entrepreneurs who employ their online authority to interact with the clients should always be up to date with the modifications performed by the top search engines in terms of ranking their pages.

To put it simply, SEO has not reached its twilight years, but rather the disreputable techniques are being wiped from the picture one by one. Proficient search engine optimization in 2014 mandates strong branding, optimization for the entirety of platforms and quality content, all integrated in the social media context. Let’s elaborate.

  1. Mature, quality digital content reigns supreme

It’s probably not the first time you hear that the quality of digital content is crucial in terms of SEO, but its importance cannot be stressed enough. The key to obtaining massive ROI from content marketing consists of optimizing the content in accordance to the target audience.

Irrespective of its quality, content that fails to resonate with potential clients will not produce results. Thanks to efficiency measurement tools, marketers can now learn how to correct and improve their content according to the trends.

  1. A website that’s not cross-platform optimized may as well not exist

Mobile cross platform optimization has become vital with the introduction of the Hummingbird update, which makes it very difficult to obtain a high rank without responsive design and mobile specific content. In addition, considering the number of people who access the internet via mobile, it would be a shame not to offer them the best possible browsing experience.

  1. Branding and authority trump link building

“Authorship” constitutes another program recently introduced by Google and it has the role of creating a link between the content and the profile of the poster. Therefore, branding and authority have become more important than the number of links pointing back to a website. Moreover, this update has the role of helping marketers perform well in the long run as well.

  1. Social media constitutes an integral component of modern SEO

Google – the search engine giant – is starting to be more and more responsive to the cues of human response to content via social media networks, particularly its very own Google+. Therefore, without positive responses on the part of the audience, your online presence is lacking one of the principle ingredients on its way to the top ranks of major search engines.


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