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There are various ways to get traffic to your site and improve your rankings on Google. One of the most underrated methods are Guest Post Outreach. How does this work?

In simple terms, Google ranks a website higher when it gets high quality backlinks from high quality sites.

So what’s a backlink?

A backlink is when a website links to a page on your website on an article they’ve written. This is the highest ranking factor from Google.

So bloggers around the world make this happen by pitching guest post ideas to top quality websites in the hope of getting an article on a top website and getting a link back. This is an amazing way to build strong backlinks and improve domain authority of a website.

This isn’t easy to do though.

Guest Post Outreach Singapore

You’ll need to identify a few bloggers in your niche, use tools like Ahrefs to figure out if their Domain Rating is high and find their email addresses and pitch to them.

Sometimes this takes months to build a relationship.

It’s very time consuming and there is not guaranteed success. This is where Novatise comes in.

We have the tools, processes and the experience in doing outreach for guest blogging.

We also have the right relationships with certain bloggers to help us post content on their website and get backlinks to your website.

Premium Guest Blogging Services


How long will you take to deliver the Guest Blogging?

It depends on the niche, but on average it takes around 25 to 30 days. This is our process

  • Understand your niche
  • Create a content idea for guest posting
  • Identify bloggers and pitch to them using cold email marketing
  • Keep trying, until a blogger accepts
  • Write the content
  • Publish


Do you have a minimum number of articles?

No, we do not but it is best to build at least 3 links per month. It does takes time and effort to build pitches and form relationships with bloggers.


Will you tell me the blog you are posting on before you publish?

Of course. We will share with you the blog, their domain authority and the article that is getting published.


Can I share ideas for the Content that will be published as a Guest Post?

You can share your ideas, but they will need to be approved by the blog we are posting on. So there isn’t a guarantee that your content idea will always be accepted.


How many blogs accept Guest Posts?

There are over 2000+ high quality blogs (both local and overseas) that accept guest posts and it’s part of our list.  And this does not include blogs of product companies that also accept guest posts.


Can the article be self-promotional?

The article will be natural and will not have a direct promotion of your service or product. It will be in-direct and related to the article. This makes it much more legitimate and more likely to be accepted for guest posting.


Build SEO Juice through Guest Blogging

If you would like a fuss free approach, see Novatise Managed SEO Singapore services.