To completely understand leads generation especially in Singapore context, you should first start with the basics. Lead is such a person who has a serious interest in any of your organization’s services, products, etc. in any form. When a lead is present, your company, instead of being called randomly by a customer of yours who has the contact information of your firm, would get calls from a business organization with whom you have communicated already.

The concept of a Lead:

For instance, suppose you went through an online survey for learning more about different ways to take care better care of your laptop. If you were guided by a laptop company through an email, and it also hosted the survey on its website. May be they picked you up randomly and sent that survey to you without even bothering that whether you would be interested to know about the laptop maintenance or not. From the perspective of business, may be the company would have collected some information about you to know that whether you are interested in the laptop maintenance or not through your online survey responses. Here in this example, the company becomes able to personalise, and it opens up its communication for meeting the needs of the existing potential clients. The above scenario sounds familiar right? Typical example is where a Credit Card Sales Person approach you to sign up a card while providing free gifts.

Lead Generation:

The process through which the companies attract and then convert the strangers into the leads about which you read earlier is called the Lead Generation. Whenever there is someone who is outside the world of marketing, and he/she asks a guy who is into the field of the lead generation about his profession; he just replies that he is a content creator for the lead generation. You will be at a loss to listen to his answer if you do not understand the term lead generation. You will be definitely confused. But if the person replies that he/she works to find different and unique ways for attracting the people to his business, and he/she wants to provide his/her clients with enough products and goodies for developing their interest naturally in his organization, then you would surely understand. So basically lead generation is the way to warm up the existing or new potential customers to one‘s business and to get those clients on a path to buy your products.

concept of lead generation singapore

The importance of Lead Generation in Singapore:

There are lots of firms that have not reached the level of excellence, and they are still struggling to increase their sales and to attract more and more customers. Some of them have a weak economy due to which they have to keep struggling for a long time. Some of the salesmen seem to be running out of gas because of their belief of hitting the upper limit of the people as well organizations for selling their services/products. The reality is that these salespeople are probably not looking at the right platforms to run a new business. One of the widespread misconceptions is that people consider the sales to be just a matter of calling as many numbers of individuals or business firms as possible until they get a catch. The process to find the right target customers for selling your products is the foremost thing if you are a salesperson. This is known as lead generation, the process to find the new business.

There are many keys to becoming a successful businessman; one among the most important among them is to start the generation of the new leads for sales. Lead can be both a person and an organization that completely fits a target group of customers for who you are providing goods. If there are no possible leads, then there are no chances for the sales team to become successful. This is the reason that the generation of good leads is as much important as to refine your pitch.

You should also be familiar with the different ways of generating the correct leads. It remains a mystery on how business owners can produce leads by cold calling, meeting different people and through the purchased lists even these lists are affected by PDPA. But this proved to be a flawed process. This helped the businessmen to generate their leads; however, the effective lead volume could not become substantial. The advanced technology has now made it quite easier for the entrepreneurs to generate leads.

Now you know what is leads generation all about, we should move on to the Part 2 where we talk more about using Social media to better engage your customers.

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