If you are new to the entire AWS thing, then you need to learn about the cost estimation as fast as possible. Most of the time you have the ability to run an AWS blog with the free usage tier as this will last for a year and you do not need to pay anything. Once the year is up, it will cost you $14.64 per month however you can spend $62 up front as that will make the monthly fee a lot smaller, since you will need to pay only $3.66. This is an important thing to note if you want to lower the overall costs.

You can also opt for the idea to reserve a three-year micro-instance and this will rack you up around $100, which is more than enough to be honest. This way you can reduce the monthly fee to $6.44. if you plan to host WordPress, you should purchase a reserved instance. Some blogs can pick up quickly and become more complex, so you should try to start with a small instance, that will be $43.92 per month. You can lower the costs here to and all you have to do is to purchase a one year reserved small instance for $195 as that will lower the costs to $11.91 per month, which is amazing!

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If you do opt for the idea of purchasing a three year reserved instance which will cost $300, you can bring in front some extraordinary set of results as the costs will be $9.62 per month. This is the best option if you believe in your site. You can use Digital Ocean to install WordPress, it all comes down to you as the results can be more than impressive to say the least.

Costs can differ, but you can end up paying $99 per year on WordPress or $24 per month if you want a host like Page.ly. Yet if you run your own instance you can get the entire thing for free. This is why AWS is very efficient and in many ways it offers better results than WordPress.

They actually created a calculator at http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html which allows you to figure out the AWS pricing and all the other details very fast. The estimation does not include the additional costs for the S3 bandwidth and storage, you will need to add those manually.

The best thing about Amazon is that even if you reserved an instance and find out late in the month that you don’t need it any more for example, you can sell unused portions of the instance. They do take a small commission from it, but it’s really nice to have such an option. Do remember that you should start with a small instance, see if it works for you and then continue with another option if you want.

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