A quick survey of major companies would display that a large percentage is constantly increasing the Facebook campaign budget on a regular basis. After all, what could be easier than keeping the Facebook wall constantly updated and watching the customers congregate on your page, fighting about who gets the top comment, right?

Well, not exactly. While this is basically the marketing dream, a reality check suggests that your audience is unlikely to be wowed by yet another “in your face” advertisement or sales pitch. In fact, they couldn’t care less about your newest non-adhesive frying pan or latest shower cap model. They’re not browsing Facebook in hopes of seeing commercials.


Should you scrap your Facebook campaign altogether then?


Far from it, actually! What your Facebook page SHOULD do is act as a link between your brand and the target audience, by engaging them via content that is relevant and personalized to their individual needs and preferences. To put it simply, this page should speak to your audience on a personal level and make them realize you’re not just another faceless corporation trying to sell them something they don’t need.

How can you engage your public?

There are literally thousands of methods to engage your Facebook fans, depending of course on their age group, cultural level, social standings, etc. However, for the purpose of this guide we have selected the time-tested ways that are applicable in every context:


    • Asking your fans questions: it shows that you value the opinions and knowledge of your fan base on a certain subject, be it relevant to your brand or a major interest topic;


    • Posting your content within the right timeframe: you won’t get exposure when the audience is at work, so always post the updates during lunch breaks or after working hours, but never after 9 PM local time;


    • Visual content works wonders: your audience will always prefer pictures with short, inspired captions against a wall of text;


    • Organize Facebook contests with relevant prizes for the winners: providing incentives for the fans who are actually engaging you on Facebook will keep them coming back for more;


    • Crowd-sourcing the answers for brand relevant questions: Much like asking your audience questions, another option is to solicit their solution to a certain problem, ways to improve your products/services, opinion on a hot topic, etc.;


    • Posting at just the right frequency: Statistically, pages that posts their updates once or twice per day are more likely to receive interactions on the part of their fans;


    • Don’t forget about the call to action: If you expect a certain reaction to your post (Likes, comments, shares, etc.) then don’t forget to ask for it. Also, if you want to point them in a direction such as clicking to see a product on your site, make sure your call-to action is clear.


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