What is the point of having millions of Facebook fans when you cannot make a dollar from it?

This is one of the common questions from Facebook Admins and as you can see everybody have questions relating to that.

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Quality of your Facebook Page

First things first, you need to have a good quality Facebook page. Without a great Facebook page with dedicated fans that love your work, you will not be able to monetize it.

To monetize your Facebook page, you should have a great brand with great content that people engage with. They share, comment, tag their friends on your posts.

Why is this important? It is difficult to make a sale on Facebook that is impulsive. As Facebook isn’t a platform where people are looking to buy things. They are there on Facebook to be social and see entertaining content.

The Kind of Product

It would probably be easier to sell a T-shirt or a Mug than a software product on Facebook. Products that appeal to the impulsive nature of people are sure to do much better. A t-shirt or a mug would be in the $15 to $20 range and if the design is good enough, then it’s a purchase they will make. Compare that to a plugin you are trying to sell. Where people will think twice, compare the pros and cons. Serious buying decisions will not be taken on Facebook, mostly.

Monetizing your Facebook page

Now that those two important aspects have been covered. Let’s get to the monetising part.

There are multiple ways through which you can monetize your Facebook page. Think of Facebook as a traffic magnet attracting the right crowd for your business. The three top ways to monetize your Facebook page is:

  • Direct Traffic to your Website
  • Run Facebook offers
  • Run a shop tab

Most important of all is to…

  • Direct traffic to your website.

This is the most common way to monetise your Facebook page. Facebook admins create a nice post with a good image and link it back to their websites. If you install a Facebook pixel on your website, you will be able to track all your links back to your website and you will get an idea of how much traffic you drive to your website. If you track your website with Google Analytics, you will know how many people converted.

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In this Image you can see clearly how Zenpencils use their Facebook page to drive traffic back to their website.

One advantage with driving users back to the website is, you can get them to shop more and eventually buy more of your products. Zen pencils is again a perfect example of a product that can be sold via Facebook. It’s inspirational; it’s reasonably priced. It is designed well.

To measure how many clicks you’ve got to your website from Facebook, you could use the Facebook pixel to measure the clicks. Facebook pixel is a piece of code you install on your website that can track all links from Facebook to your site. Visit this link to learn how to install a Facebook Pixel.

  • Run Facebook Offers

Facebook offers is the other way where users can monetize their pages. This is more of a direct approach right on Facebook. The user is taken back to the website or an e-mail is sent to the user from where they can claim the offer.

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An offer is a great way to attract your audiences. It’s always suggested to go with a discount. A discount is what appeals to the audience and makes them take the decision to buy.

On the left you can see a preview of your offer. And on the right you can add details such as the title and the description. The expiration date is to create a sense of urgency in the mind of the user. If it’s an indefinite offer, then it loses its value.

In the next image you can see an option called “Online Redemption Link”. This is where users are directed straight to your website from where you can guide them to claim your offer.

  • Run a SHOP tab

The last and final way of monetising a Facebook page is through a dedicated tab. If you are a product based business where you intersperse your content with great content and products. You are in the perfect cusp of creating a shop tab.

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In the above case, this particular page has a dedicated shop tab along with a section right before the posts where you can see the products that are being sold. If you have a great product, there is not harm in flaunting it and trying to make a sale.

fb shop

In the dedicated shop tab, all the products are listed. And if you click on a particular product you can see the specifications of it and a clear call to action and options to choose the right fit.

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As you can see, this page has really good engagement, with insane amount of shares and comments. With support like this, it’s guaranteed to help in selling merchandise through their Facebook page.

These are the strategies to monetize a Facebook page and as we’ve explained, your page should be of high quality with great content and engagement to have any sort of chance in selling through your Facebook page.

Article by: Kishen

Kishen is the Content Strategist for Novatise 

We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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