4 years and counting, we are engaged by Red White Mobile on a retainer basis for full site digital services that comprise of:

  1. Web Optimisation
  2. Content marketing / Content creation
  3. Facebook marketing

We have seen them grew from a small shop of 200 sq feet at The Cathay to a 1000 sq feet retail outlet at North Bridge Center in Singapore. It is no easy feat, especially there is such a huge drop in demand for the local retail scene, all thanks to the likes of Lazada, Taobao, Carousell, Aliexpress, and Qoo10.

Content Marketing Singapore

If time permits, do read this awesome commentary on ChannelNewsAsia b Sulian Tan-Wijaya which illustrates the situation.

straits time retail scene

Today, we shall reveal the secrets of how we manage to help this local phone store “grow and grow” given the weak retail scene in Singapore.

Content Creation Services for a homegrown Singapore brand – Red White Mobile

About Red White Mobile

redwhitemobile marketing

Red White Mobile is a Singapore based Mobile phone shop marketed as the ‘Cheapest Mobile Shop in Singapore’. It’s a physical retail outlet and they wanted to improve their branding and reach online.

The Mobile Phone Landscape

As people are purchasing more and more online, retail shops are taking a hit, when it comes to purchases. Also, the competition around phone reviews is tight, there are hundreds of phone review sites putting their content out.

So how can a retail store win in this game? By participating in places where the action is happening. No matter what, people chase value. As Red White Mobile positioned itself as the ‘Cheapest Mobile’ shop, we were able to use that to our advantage in our content.

The Solution

At Novatise, we are pretty confident of our abilities in SEO and decided to rank for the most competitive keywords.

If you are unsure what is SEO, welcome to read this article HERE.

content creation singapore seo

As you can see in the above image, we rank 4th in the organic listing with the first and second rank held by Apple itself.

content marketing singapore

For the iPhone X. We rank 3rd in the organic listing, while the 1st and 2nd rank is held by Apple.

As you can see, SEO is a powerful tool. Due to these articles, Red White Mobile gets a lot of inquiries on their website and Whatsapp, which are converted into walk-ins. This is what we call Online to Offline push. 

So how does it work…? 

by using Content Creation Singapore

Before a phone is launched, we write a high-quality original content piece. This is written and edited by our team of expert content specialists.

We make sure that the content is original and useful and in the end actionable. If you are able to convince a user that a particular phone is good, then with the right actionable content, you can get them to convert.

After the content is written, we sprinkle in some of our SEO super salt and then the content ranks high. This is simple, by the book SEO principles.

The difference between ranking in the first page and the second page can be a big sales difference of hundreds of phones.

What entails Content Marketing Singapore?

Content Creation on Facebook Page

One more place we realised where there was a lot of discussion around phones was Facebook. We managed the Facebook page of Red White Mobile and are able to give users sneak peeks and showcase products that they miss out on and have never heard of.

social media content creation

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Here is an example of a campaign we ran. Around 24,000 people saw the content and 36 people shared, which is the most important metric to measure the success of a campaign.

We chose to publish about phones and their prices because ultimately people wanted to know about that and we chose not to publish random, non-promotional content.

We use the Facebook platform to push the SEO content we write, like this example below.

content marketing singapore agency

We wrote an article on the Huawei and we posted it on Facebook to bring in traffic. Our facebook campaigns have also been successful in brand recall.

The Importance of Content Marketing Singapore

In conclusion, content is key to generate awesome traffic and traction. You need to consistently create amazing articles, images, videos, and illustrations to better your competitors.

If you would love to use our content marketing service in Singapore to market your brand and product, give us a buzz.

Check out our Persuasive Sales Copywriting under Writise.



We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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