Adding a Payroll and HRM system can do wonders for your company, not only does this allow you to save money and time, but at the same time it can also do a great job towards increasing the overall job satisfaction rate that people who work for you currently have.

Based on studies, it seems that around 50% of the entire HR time is spent either answering queries or processing the employee information, tasks that obviously require quite a lot of time and this means that if you automate the HR processes you can have a more productive business in the end.

Since many companies are computerized nowadays, it’s only natural to automate the HR functions as you see fit. It can be a little tricky to do so as the HR solutions have changed quite a lot in the past few years, but if you invest properly you will see that the HR solutions can easily bring in a whole lot of value and stellar results very fast, all so that the company can meet the end to end needs of the employees. We have created a list with some of the best reasons why automating the HR functions is a very good idea.

You comply with the government regulations while having less errors in calculations

The Singapore government stated recently that all SMEs need to start offering the full pay slips to their employees y April 2016. Performed manually, this can be a hard, very time consuming task but automatising it will reduce the amount of manual calculations which need to be performed, not to mention that you will have to deal with less errors as well.

There are many solutions in this regard and each one offers quite a lot of focus on different pay components, which include the monthly variable components, advance pay and bonuses. These solutions also include plenty of bonuses and templates which are designed to offer a high quality experience, such as those for Bank GIRO and the CPF board among many others.

Employees can manage the data and self update it.

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We all know that the web offers a great convenience, so downloading forms online, be it from home, can bring in front plenty of interesting results. Based on an Aberdeen Group survey, employees want control, responsiveness and flexibility, things that the automatic tools offer for them.

A good solution that offers such a thing is Novatise HRM system, which is web based and allows users to fill the leave requests online, all while keeping track of the leave dates. On top of that, the HRM system can also provide employees with the means to update personal details and job history in a proactive manner, from anywhere they want to do such a thing, as they are not region bound. With this, you can build up and improve towards a better employee satisfaction, all while providing the staff with an ability to modify the personal info in any way they want.

Manager aid for getting the best decisions

The newest HR systems are designed with a whole lot of features that are designed in order to help companies gather the necessary business intelligence right within the organizations. There are lots of tools that provide users with a great way to collage employee records, all while storing the staff profile as well as details that include disciplinary records, skill sets and employee qualification which is essential for sure. On top of that, this also makes it great for managers to easily track the career progression of any employee based on deployment, upgrades, merit increment, confirmation and other values. The MecWise Payroll offers some of the best results in this regard!

Save money and time for the admin process

Most companies spend around 7% or up to 50% of their entire time handling paperwork that pertains to employees, but the reality is that automating this will allow you to acquire a much better set of results and all of that without having to acquire extra resources.

Those companies that use a self service have a staff to employee ration of 1:151, whereas the others have one of 1:99 so clearly the results are much better as a whole. Solutions like the Novatise Payroll System is offering complete control over the claim processes, all via a reliable claim submission system which is simple and refined. At the same time, another solution, named Novatise CRM system which is also made by the same company, focuses on making the employee roster planning and timesheet tracking a lot better.

You can free the HR staff to work on something else.

HR departments have to work on much more than just administrative functions, instead they are also responsible for the organization of in-house programs that nurture them and bring better results.

Thanks to such a thing, you can improve the staff morale, bring in a better set of skills for the employee and at the same time you can also improve loyalty which is a major plus. This also allows the HR department to better focus on other programs all while making sure that they execute and acquire the best results out there.

As  you can see, automating the HRM and payroll system offers you the best methods to stay in front of the competition all while offering a better performance to the HR system as a whole.

If you want to truly improve the way your business works and its results, then implementing an automated HR solution offers you the best way to access stellar results. It allows you to cope with policy changes, you can access it any time you want, it’s cost efficient, scalable and also reliable, so don’t hesitate and invest into this technology, as it will surely provide your company with astounding results in the end!

Talk to us on how we can come up with a customised HRM and Payroll system for your company.

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