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This July 2015, Spring Singapore has revised the usage of Spring ICV voucher. Working with SMEs and industry specialists Spring Singapore has introduced 30 Integrated Solutions are can help SMEs overcome normal business challenges and accomplish general profitability picks up. With the increased of Integrated Solutions, SMEs can better outline and test advancement and ability improvement arrangements.

The 30 Integrated Solutions are as follows.

1) Accounting Management System

2) Appointment, Scheduling and Booking System

3) Asset/Worker Identification and Tracking System

4) Attendance Tracking System

5) Audit Management System

6) Clinic Management System

7) Crowd Video Analytics Video

8) Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management System, CRM

9) Digital Mannequin Simulation

10) Energy Management System

11) Document Management and Mobile Access System

12) E Procurement Management System

13) Face Recognition and Customer Profiling Tool

14) Freight Management System

15) Fleet Management System

16) Human Resource Scheduling System

17) Human Resource Management System

18) Human Resource Performance Appraisal System

19) Image Recognition and Search Tool

20) Inventory Management System

21) Mobile Menu Ordering and Payment System

22) Online Media Analytics Tool

23) Point of Sales System

24) Product Display and Store Layout

25) Project Management System

26) Queue Management System

27) Restaurant Wireless Paging System

28) School Management System

29) SMS Notification and Auto Reply System

30) 5S Implementation for F&B

SMEs can use the voucher to upgrade and strengthen their core business operations through bite-sized Consultancy Projects in the areas of innovation, productivity, human resources and financial management. Apart from Consultancy Projects, the ICV scheme also supports SMEs in the adoption and implementation of simple solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity. SMEs can use the ICV to implement pre-scoped Integrated Solutions, or Productivity Solutions under the supportable cost categories of (i) equipment & hardware, (ii) technical solutions & training and (iii) design & renovation.


Spring no longer supports the above. Kindly check out Spring ICV website for latest updates.

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