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Many years back, the only way to be able to sell your product was to advertise. Reach out to people through Television Commercials, Advertisements on papers. It was all, outbound, i.e. reaching out to people and getting them to take an action. Business over the years has changed considerably and the concept of Inbound has become bigger. Inbound happens when people come to your site, or you are given a list of users who are interested in your service. So there are two ways to collect leads for your business in Singapore.

Different businesses need different type of customers. And there are different ways to generate leads in Singapore. You drive people through a blog post or have a platform where you collect people’s information and that is sold to other businesses.

There is no one-way to go about it. Let’s see some of the ways leads are collected. You can do content marketing and get people interested in your content and get them to sign-up to your e-mail list and contact them from there. Another way is to cold-call directly by getting their information from a database. A very popular strategy is to build a landing page after users search on Google.

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This can come in many ways that is collecting e-mail information, phone numbers and company information. This is all done online.
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Lead Channels


    • FB Ads70%
    • Boosted Post30%


    • Linkedin Ads30%
    • Linkedin Outreach70%


    • SEO80%
    • Pay per Click20%


    • Email automation60%
    • Personalised Email40%
Facebook is a good medium, where you can give a lead magnet for free and get people to sign-up. Giving out case studies, E-books, Courses for free are some of the lead generation strategies.

In the Insurance industry, aggregators get really good at SEO and drive people to their website where they collect the user’s information and sell that information to Insurance providers. Buffer, which is the social media tool, uses content marketing heavily to get leads and convert them. They invest on putting out very high quality content on a daily basis and distribute the content across all platforms. When the reader sees really effective content, they sign-up to the blog and through a series of e-mails Buffer get users to sign-up to their product and because of the product being good, users will move on to the paid version.

For sales leads many companies go to Linkedin and start a group where they get people in their industry and get them together and give them solutions to their problems and also promote their product.

Now that you know the ways, you should know there are companies which specialize in collecting leads for customers. Why should you go for a third party company?

Third party companies use funnels to understand the flow of the user and the behavior of the user to get the best conversion. They set up landing pages and run drip campaigns to convert the user and make him an appropriate lead for a business. You might not have a robust sales team and a marketing team and you may not look to be hiring a full team, even if you hire, you might get a single person. But for the price of a single employee you can hire an entire third party team of experts. Without adding employees to your team, you can still get leads driven to your business here in Singapore.

The Process of B2B & B2C Leads Generation in Singapore

This is where we come in.

Novatise as a company is obsessed in thinking of novel ways of getting leads for our customers. We would like you to think of us as one of the affordable lead generation company in Singapore. Our leads generation process includes sales leads as well. We have a customised leads generation process for every industry and every company. As there is no one size fits all. Companies differ in customers, size of ticket items and medium where their customers are present. Our leads generation process involves understand the industry and the kind of leads that is required by a particular business. Once we do that, we optimise our team to come up with a lead generation Singapore strategy and drive leads through a funnel, which will aim to give the maximum conversion.

Novatise is also leading marketing agency in SEO, Pay per click and Social Media. We are generating B2B or B2C leads for companies especially in Singapore - we have an expertise in all marketing channels. There aren’t a lot of leads generation companies that are able to provide quality leads in this space, our lean and mean team of experts focus on the right channels for the kind of business that you are in.

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B2B Lead Generation

Business to business lead generation is the process of identifying your target audience by job title, company size and Industry and other parameters to create a list of leads who are most likely to engage with your services.

How does Novatise generate leads for your business?

This is the process we follow

We filter the prospects by the Industry they are from

We go through Google, Yellow Pages, Singapore Directory

We get the prospects company name, email, Linkedin URL and Industry

We do the 3 layered verification for the emails that are found

All the contacts are neatly arranged in an excel sheet

All the leads are dedicated to your business

B2B Email Outreach for Lead Generation


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Identify the best Email outreach for conversion
  • Handcrafted Email Outreach Writings
  • Outreach to potential handcrafted Singapore business emails

Prospected Leads List

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Getting Leads that Convert

1How do I get started?
Once you have purchased our service, you may log in to our client portal to fill up your Buyer Profile. Let us know your buyer profile with the following info: Industry, Company Size, Job Title or other additional information. Our team of professional sales people will start work, helping you target the potential leads for your business. We then send you the complete data file in an excel file.
2How long does it take to get my leads?
Depending on the complexity of your requirements, it may take us up to 10 working days to target your leads as all our leads are handcrafted by our professional sales people.
3What is the process?
Based on the parameters you give us, our team of lead generation experts get on to scouting and searching for the right leads. Once we’ve found the emails and other information we put it in a document and share it with you.
4What is the actual deliverable that I will receive?

-For Qualified Prospect Company Search: Company Name, Generic Email, Industry, Company Address, Company Phone and Website will be provided. Contact Person Name and Job Title are provided only if available.

-For Qualified Prospect Individual Search: Name and Job Title, Direct Email, Company Name, Industry, Website, Company Address and Company Phone will be provided.

5Will the emails work?
All our handcrafted prospected emails are tested and verified by professional sales people. Extraction are done using various methods before submitting the list to you. However no database can be perfect, thus we further guarantee a one to one exchange for any email that is proven invalid.
6What type of businesses use cold emails?
SAAS, Services, Consulting, HR businesses all use emails for sales. But other type of businesses also use cold emails. Like E-commerce companies use it to pitch their products to bloggers. Companies that need funding pitch to venture capitalists. Companies that need PR pitch to reporters. Even marketers use cold-emails to pitch their latest articles and to get backlinks.

Businesses of all sizes including billion dollar businesses use cold-email.
7Isn’t sending cold email spam?
Not all cold emails are spam. It’s spam if you sell a product directly, if you don’t target the right audience, if your product actually won’t help the people you are reaching out to. Cold emails are not about making money, they are sent to start a conversation.
8How do I know the emails of the leads are legitimate?
We go through a dual process of finding the emails and filtering the ones that are invalid. After the invalid emails are removed, we run the legitimate emails through an email verifier and choose the ones that are only 100% valid. The ones that aren’t 100% valid are removed and new leads are found. If in case, a bad email slips through, we will replace it with another legitimate email from a different lead.
9What method of payments do you accept?
We currently accept PayPal payments worldwide and all major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

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