Link building is a popular and a successful tactic used to boost site ranking in the search engines. In simple words, this concept involves building links to your website on the viral content that people are reading. As Google states, ‘Create quality content that attracts links and goes viral,’ the link building strategy involves our own efforts to create content and make it go viral.

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There are two outcomes out of the content that goes viral, i.e., Link Authority and the Link Volume.

The Link Authority Module

The first step to achieve a high rank on search engines is the linking authority. This process starts with adding backlinks to your site on the high-authority blogging platforms such as WordPress, BlogSpot, tumbler, etc. These links are then well optimised with original and relevant articles, images and videos. Novatise assures you the best quality posts on authority sites utterly relevant to the subject matter.

The Link Volume Module

The next step that follows is known as Link Volume which means syndication of articles by hundreds of other sites. We start posting articles on our own network of PR sites for more than three weeks. A slow and consistent posting of articles creates a steady link velocity. Thus, the links will naturally flow for a long-time period. To achieve success in the link building process, we have a finely tuned system that comprises of keyword diversity, co-citations and automatic top-level diversity. Keyword diversity means putting down multiple keyword phrases, the number being dependent on the package you choose. Co-citations are the links added to the non-competing high authority sources. You might have frequently viewed the links coming up that connect the site to multiple sources. The automatic top-level diversity involves usage of top-level domains such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Webs, Blogster, etc. It helps in increasing the amount of diversity you get on your website.

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We are known for our high-quality customised strategies built per the business needs. We do not propose anything fancy instead come up with a decent link building approach. You can expect us to deliver exceptional write-ups since we have a minimum quality standard policy for content in terms of its relevance of the context, presentation and most importantly 100% uniqueness. We assure all your money back if you do not get the expected results. Moreover, you will never be stressed till you have the Novatise team handling each and everything for you.

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