Are you thinking of increasing your business’s online presence through social media? Here are the top 10 social networks to create a profile on and start sharing to attract visitors to things that you want them to see!

  1. Facebook

Counting in excess of one billion users, Facebook is definitely the largest social network out there. Then again, the impressive number of users is not the only fact that makes marketers unable to ignore the social media platform. In addition to reaching a wider audience, a Facebook fan page can help your business take advantage of its three marketing platforms, distribute budget friendly ads and build business-to-customer relationships.

  1. Twitter

The second largest social network the internet has to offer, Twitter offers marketers a unique way of personally interacting with the customers. Besides building loyalty and branding the business, Twitter is also an excellent market research tool as well as a free press release instrument.

  1. LinkedIn

Irrespective of your short and long-term business goals, LinkedIn is a social network designed to help users build a network of useful contacts. With almost 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn comes with extensive targeting capabilities and entices advertisers.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest provides marketers with an exclusive method of ‘pinning’ various aspects of their business that make them stand out in front of the competition. Speaking of competitors, Pinterest’s secret board allows you to always keep an eye on them and gather valuable info that you can utilize in your next marketing campaigns.

  1. Google+

Google+ comes with the unique advantage of getting ranked and indexed by the search engine a lot faster. However, the biggest perk stems from the Circles feature, an option that permits you to find and add people with the same interests to your group. You might argue that creating a relationship with other people in your industry is not important to your business, but you can’t even begin to imagine the exposure you stand to gain.

  1. Tumblr

It’s quickly indexed, allows social sharing, encourages micro-blogging and can be employed as a market research tool. In other words, Tumblr is an excellent blogging platform for brands and small businesses that want to shine online.

  1. Instagram

Because all successful marketing strategies this year revolve around visual content, marketers simply can’t afford not to be on Instagram. Not only does Instagram ensure high levels of engagement and a higher visibility of your posts, but it also helps drive more traffic to your site.

  1. Flickr

Flickr is a popular photo sharing platform that allows you to upload pictures and videos. The media content can be uploaded via almost all existing digital devices and be shared globally. If used right, Flickr could prove a very valuable tool for small business owners.

  1. VK

VK is the European version of Facebook, a social network that managed to attract over 100 million active users in a relatively short period of time. If your target audience comes mainly from the Old Continent, then creating a VK profile is guaranteed to confer you a wider reach.

  1. MySpace

Similar to other social networks, MySpace allows you to join a wonderful community as well as to post videos and blog entries. However, unlike its competitors, MySpace also offers an impressive number of page customisation options.

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