The concept of digitalisation has brought about a revolution in the industry and has led to the increasing use of internet for providing products and services to the customers. But this possesses a major drawback wherein the customers cannot test the product or know about its features in detail until he receives the product. This is highly vital if the customer chooses to buy a product that has a bit higher price. In such a situation the customer needs to shuffle websites to check for the features of the product or wait for hours on the phone trying to reach out to a customer representative through the IVRS Customer Care system.

This calls for a quick and efficient customer response system integrated to the websites wherein the customers can get their doubts cleared in a jiffy. The customer service needs to be cooperative as well since no one prefers a ranting or uninterested customer representative to talk to them. This has been one of the major problems associated with the traditional customer care centres.


The customer satisfaction rate is highly influenced if a live chat system is integrated onto a site. As per a number of surveys that have been conducted, the customers highly appreciate a live chat system to get their queries timely address instead of a customer care call service or long mails. Indeed the live chat system has a lot of benefits that are equally availed both by the customers and the sites too. It has been found that a query which used to take days to be addressed through mail, hours or minutes to be addressed through a customer care call can be solved in just a matter of seconds using the live chat system, which has been precisely found to be an average of 42 seconds. Of late, a large number of ecommerce sites and online service providers have started using the live chat system to help the customers with their problems.

All the small scale as well as large scale business owners have taken up this customer service strategy to enhance the performance and the feedbacks of their websites. The live chat system leads to the customer satisfaction that helps the business owners to maintain a strong and long relationship with their customers which is highly vital in the successful running of a business. Using the live chat system can effectively lead to the maximization of a company’s profits by curtailing the additional costs like the customer call costs. The system also saves up the time of the customers and the employees which adds up to the heap of benefits.

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A number of feedbacks and testimonies from customers who have used the live chat system fall proof to the efficiency and effectiveness of the live chat system. Live chat system is primarily aimed at the benefits of the customers which indirectly leads to the profits of the service provider too. The use of the live chat system by the ecommerce sites and service providers have often led to the customers deciding to return to that site again which is a milestone in the success path of a company. As per reports it has been found that 63 percent who availed the live chat service on the sites have expressed their interest to return to the site in future for utilising the services.

The strength and recognition of a business solely depends on the customer feedbacks. Live chat system helps every online business to maintain a healthy and loyal relationship with the customers which proves beneficial for the company in the long run. The live chat system when perfectly maintained on the site of a business can yield great results since a major chunk of the customers, about 92 percent to be precise, love to use the live chat system over the other alternatives. As per a survey conducted concerning the intentions and likes of customers, it has been found that about 40 percent of the customers who used the live chat system returned to the site at least once in a week. In parallel, barely 22 percent of the customers who did not chat with the customer representatives turned out for purchases the following week.


According to ZenDesk, almost a majority of the businesses in the country have put the live chat system to use which has resulted in the highest percentage of customer satisfaction in the country of about 94.94 percent. Norway ranks second with a satisfaction rate of 93.59 percent followed by new Zealand with a satisfaction rate of 88.36 percent. In terms of the slump in response time, Indonesia ranks the first with the least customer response time.


The efficiency of the live chat system is governed by a range of factors including the customer waiting time, chat duration etc.

  • As per the surveys conducted, it has been found that when the wait time lied between 200 to 250 seconds, the customer satisfaction rate was the lowest scaling to about 68 percent. Dramatically, when the wait time exceeded 250 seconds, the satisfaction rate rose to 83 percent and while the wait time was between 0 and 50 seconds the satisfaction rate was a whopping 86 percent.
  • Maintaining a decent chat length has been the key to get the maximum customer satisfaction. It has been found that the customers generally prefer precise and to the point chats. It is advisable to cater to every problem of the customer by keeping the chat length of at least 10 minutes. Chats that lasted for about 5 minutes fetched a customer satisfaction of 78 percent while a longer chat duration achieved 84 percent customer satisfaction rate. The customer satisfaction rates vary around 80 to 88 percent when the chat length is extended up to 30 minutes and fell drastically when the chat lasted beyond 30 minutes. This implies that enough attention needs to be given to each and every customer chat request which is impossible if too many chat requests are handled.


Most of the live chat customer feedback systems are often followed by a feedback form from the customer where the customer expresses his opinions regarding the system and its efficiency. Basing upon the number of feedbacks received from a variety of customers necessary changes can be brought about in the system and can ultimately lead to the best possible query system. The live chat system has shortened the customer service provider distance to a great extent and has brought about a whole range of benefits for both the customers as well as service providers.

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