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Novatise Local

Novatise local is a tool that has been profoundly designed to give your site an adequate ranking. We have data backed with thousands of hours of testing and experience of three years in creating campaigns on top ranking Google+ local pages. None of the campaigns have ever been alike. We uniquely formulate campaigns based on the client specifications, niche and their city. Further, we have a transparent reporting process that smoothly and thoroughly ensures the achievement of customer satisfaction, our top priority. Anything and everything built during the campaign is yours, right from the profile, logins to the content, etc. Novatise local ensures a long-lasting local ranking strategy that will help you achieve local supremacy for an extended term.

How we work

TWO critical components that make the best of Novatise local ranking service:

 Full Citation Audit
This section ensures consistency for every campaign organised. Every campaign we design and work on is entirely detailed and a timely rigorous process. We perform a consistent audit to find correct and incorrect citations and avoid any duplication of efforts. The outcome may be seen through a fully detailed audit report along with a roadmap explaining how to refurbish false citations efficiently.

 Local Directory Citations
In this step, the efforts are entirely dedicated at putting you in the best directories for your niche and market. There is no standard list of the directories; instead is 3 step process that determines what directories will be required for a particular client. Firstly, we find the most popular authority directories have a dense traffic. Then we move to competitor directories. Here we take your specific keywords and research what citations are imperative not only in the industry but also for specific SERPs. Finally, we scrape the competitor review directories to discover Google trusted directories. We claim most of the relevant directories and provide instructions for other that require client verification.

Local Citation Service

  • 40 Singapore Citations
  • Submissions to high google page rank sites

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