Despite the fact that there are lots of startups out there, the ones that are designed to focus on the healthcare world are far from delivering the best possible outcome. This is what makes these startups so impressive, because not only do they deliver an amazing value, they also change the way we treat ourselves and deliver medical treatments, so with that in mind here are the best medical startups to watch!


What is it?

Pager is a startup which has created an app designed to help patients order a certified nurse or doctor to come to their home in two hours. Since home visits are important for any doctor, this type of treatment is indeed a great choice and the idea is that people sometimes find it very hard to call a doctor. With Pager, the bureaucracy is left outside and people can get the immediate care they need. the company has already saved numerous lives and it continues to do so with amazing results.

They raised $24.4 million in funding and they are supported by many insurance providers, however if you don’t have insurance it will cost you $50 for the first visit and $200 per visit afterwards.


 Sorry guys, this one’s not for you.

MAVEN is a healthcare clinic for women in the digital world. They have more than 200 medical service providers and they are all screened so you are bound to get a safe, reliable and professional experience in the end. They raised $2.2 million so far in funding and the overall costs of using the service are not that high to begin with, considering that video appointments with a nurse are around $18 for 10 minutes or $35 for the same amount of time spent talking with a doctor.


HEAL is an application that allows people to order home visits from their medic and they are quite similar to Pager. It’s found on the West Coast and the doctor can come to you in a maximum of 30-60 minutes. They can deliver diagnostic and prescriptions for your complaints on the go. The price here is $99 for a visit and if you want medical prescriptions that will cost you $19 extra. The company has raised $5 in funds so far.


What is it? Video consultations with medical professionals

has managed to obtain no less than $86.6 million in funding and the results are great so far. They have a network of 1400 doctors that deliver services online and the costs are actually quite easy to understand. They charge $40 for a video consultation and you can also get psychological therapy from them which costs around $50 per 25 minutes.

Healthy outlook? The Google-backed startup partners with health insurance providers including United Healthcare and has made big strides with their telemedicine video technology. Medical notes from the session are provided to the patient. The West Coast startup has raised $86.8 million in funding for its virtual medical practice.

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Breakthrough connects patients with mental health providers, thus offering the necessary counselling and support to people that might be unable to receive it properly. Each patient has the ability to select the professional that he wants to work with and the prices differ based on the overall length of the entire experience. Around 86% of those persons that create an initial booking will also book a follow-up, so the service is indeed very good and reliable.


LifeDojo is all about helping employers maintain their staff healthy and the results that you can get here is simply extraordinary. It offers a 12 week wellness program that will inspire employees to maintain mental and physical habits, but it will also address their current mishaps all so that they can stay healthy at the workplace.


MedWand takes an interesting approach because it offers a device to the patient and with it the doctor can monitor a lot of health related information as well as intervene when something is wrong. The measurements are focused on weight, pulse, but at the same time they also focus on the exercise habits, glucose readings and others.


AnalyticsMD is designed to help hospitals determine how they can perform staffing optimization, how they can modify as well as optimize their patient flow, resource optimization and so on. The results are well worth it because hospitals will have a much simpler way to manage their resources properly and deliver the best possible outcome.


Oscar is offering insurance in the US and it’s designed to help improve the way people manage health insurance. It also integrates a software that allows users to track their visits as well as their prescriptions via a timeline. They can also use the Oscar software in order to maintain a connection with the network remotely and they can even track the daily exercise activity which is always a major plus and benefit for the end user.


AdhereTech has created a small pill bottle that will track when a person takes the prescribed medicine. It’s the best way to make sure that pills are taken properly, as they are intended and at the right time which is a mandatory thing to do in this regard.


CareDox’s main concern is child health and with this platform nurses and parents can collaborate as well as share information about the health of any child. Thanks to its parents can maintain a record of their child health info and this can be shared with nurses at all times.

Unwind Me

Unwind Me uses a similar model to Uber as it allows you to register as a massage therapist or you can ask for such a service here. Pricing is $89 per hour and people can access the service as they see fit depending on their needs. For the time being you can access this only in San Francisco but the success is huge there so Unwind Me will definitely expand to new regions as well.

Mango Health

Mango Health is designed with the idea of improving the patient rate of medication and it helps them determine a great way to generate a healthcare routine. You can create a routine and the app will nag you to respect that routine at all times.

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In conclusion, there are lots of interesting medical startups to be had in the online world nowadays and it all comes down to accessing their services when needed. It’s great that the medical world is also embracing technology because this will bring them one step closer to the user and the results can be well worth it! 

This article was created by Novatise team- the sole purpose of identifying the startup scene in the States and to see how we can hone on their idea and replicate in South East Asia.

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