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Marketing has become such a complicated affair. We can’t deny it. There is an overload of information, there is excessive competition, there are a bucket load of tools that claim to help and so on.

It is not easy to get into the marketing bandwagon and make head or tail out of it, in easy steps. Also the rapid changes in effectiveness of a channel does not bode well at all for companies that are slowly establishing their presence in a channel.

When things get complicated and out of hand, it always makes sense to go back to the basics and figure things out.

The basics here is to understand the situation as much as possible. Elon Musk said

With first principles you boil things down to the most fundamental truths…and then reason up from there”

There are two things we feel Online marketers should focus on and that’s

E-mail marketing and Analytics Implementation.

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E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing still rules the roost among marketing channels and it’s because it’s still very curated for the user and there’s lesser saturation. Although people do sign-up to random e-mail subscriptions, they do clear it up and clean it up every once in a while with tools like

Social media is very saturated and people don’t really control the content on their feed. They are bombarded with advertisements and other content like videos, memes and other things. This means people are in a constant scrolling mode.

With E-mail marketing, people opt to what they want to see and it can act as a gentle reminded to use your service.  So what aspect of E-mail marketing should a marketer focus on?

  • Analyzing data  like Open Through Rate’s, Click Rate’s etc.
  • E-mail Segmentation – Based on your audience’s spending power, Based on their Country, Based on Interaction etc. – You need to figure out how to segment your audience based on your business

Analytics Implementation

We all know BIG data Big DATA – So the question next is what to do with the data about marketing?

Nothing is simple anymore and marketing as well has gotten so complicated over the years. There are so many tools, there are so many marketing channels to think about and so on. To know the status of the business is hard.

Before any marketing effort is made, it is important for the company to implement analytics. What does this entail?

  • Installing a Google Analytics plugin on the website
  • Installing the Facebook Pixel
  • Setting-up Goals that you want to be tracked (Macro and Micro Goals)
  • Integrating Adwords with Google Analytics.
  • Installing Hotjar or Kiss Metrics for Mobile Analytics
  • Setting up Attribution – To help you decide which marketing platform helps better
  • Creating a Marketer’s Dashboard and a CEO’s dashboard – This includes taking out the right information for each person so they can take better decisions.

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