Novatise has the luxury to create a couple of dropship businesses catering to world wide audience. Payments are done via Singapore while items are shipped direct from factory overseas.

It is a no inventory, no warehousing, no delivery – No Brainer business model. What you need to do best is online marketing where you need to source for various channels and ways to growth hack the entire business from ground zero.

If you would like to know more about Dropship, we have written a blog post sometime back. You can access HERE.

Below are 2 niches we have created.


By targeting the niche market of women wear – sexy transparent see through bras.

dropship business singapore


Kitchen accessories are always mum’s favourites and YES – mums love to shop!

online business singapore

Such a business model has to be smart in sourcing for suppliers. It is surely worthwhile to examine the available suppliers along with the ones located here in Singapore. Suppliers of products must be in a position to deliver good high quality products which deliver on the promises they make.

Additional advantage of dropshipping is you could test out various kinds of products to find out what your clients want or get inspiration from putting up “fake” ads on FREE channels like Carousell. Once you know what products moves you are all out to begin dropship it at once.

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