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November 14, 2020
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November 14, 2020
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Korea Truly


An extensive travel, entertainment, and lifestyle website for all things South Korea.

We started Koreatruly to be the biggest English-language hub for South Korean information foreigners and Koreans alike.

The site quickly became popular among a large and diverse section of readers for its know-how on Korean culture.

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What we write about

Beauty & Skincare

Latest makeup and skincare products, tutorials and routines, style guides, hair and accessories.

Arts & Entertainment

All the details on Korean pop culture including movies, TV shows, web series, webtoons, and everything about the K-pop industry.

Culture & Lifestyle

Living in Korea guides such as weather guides, articles on commonly used Korean phrases, details on South Korean societies, traditions, and festivals

Travel & Tourism

Korean festival guide, tours, events, sightseeing locales, best places to visit, souvenirs, and accommodation

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