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ISOHomeCare is a handyman service in Singapore who have been in operation for the past 3 years. They are subsidiary of a listed company in Singapore ISO Team. They wanted to capture leads from online channels and they hired us to explore these opportunities.

The Problem

A business like a handyman service is not a hot e-commerce product, that if you post an ad, people will come flocking. When it comes to this type of business, being in people’s mind constantly is important, because when they have a problem, our service comes to mind. Brand recall is the most important.

The other aspect is to capture the leads of those people who are looking for the solution real time. So we used a combination of paid and organic channels to build ISOHomeCare’s list. On top of that we went in to suggest a complete overhaul of design work. 

The Solution

ISOHomeCare is a services business and services business have intense competition. Our main focus was to create a strong brand recall and establish ISOHomeCare’s main service points

Great customer support

Free consultation on prices

Reasonable prices

Our Results: 10x Inbound Leads

What we did

1.Revamped User Experience and Interface Design


 handyman portal in singapore


handyman services singapore

2. Facebook Page and Facebook Ads

One of our FB strategies for ISO Home Care’s Facebook page is to mention the common problems people face and provide a solution for that. We also mention the prices openly, so that the customers engage immediately looking at the reasonable prices.

facebook ad

fb ad for isohomecare

One of the campaigns we ran reached 35,000 people with over 59 shares!

3. SEO for Organic Growth

Organic growth is important because, the cost of each lead is very less. It helps with reducing the overall marketing budget.

We ranked ISOHomeCare for the keyword “handyman” This was just an example. There are many more keywords we ranked for.

They took up pole positions on Google ranking for the above keyword.

seo ranking

SEO needs consistent effort and an overall effort.

4. Google Ads

Paid Ads are a solid way for converting hot leads. Hot leads are those who are looking for a solution immediately. Google Adwords is not about throwing money at Google and getting leads. It requires keyword research to rank for the right keywords and it requires the page and service to be relevant.

At Novatise, we help ISOHomeCare in tracking the metrics of the campaign as well as creating a structured campaign and so on.

Google Ads is about using the right copy to attract customers. In this case, when we empathize with their pain, they will come to ISOHomeCare for a solution.

5. Content Marketing

We write content regularly for ISOHomeCare and boost those content pieces to improve SEO efforts. Content Marketing plays a huge role in showcasing to the user ISOHomeCare’s capabilities and also the processes. Blogging is the best way to go about so.

For example, if a toilet bowl has to be replaced, owners are worried about how it’s going to work. When you put content showcasing that, they are a lot more assured and confident of ISOHomeCare’s abilities. This also builds a strong brand recall.

If your ever in need of a good handyman in Singapore, do visit their web –

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