The Zero Latency outlet located in Suntec City is a franchise of the Australian VR company of the same name. They specialize in Virtual Reality games that are in-depth and that gives an immersive experience for the gamers.

We were entrusted with the task of integrations for the website as for the design, it’s a common theme for all the locations.

vr gaming singapore
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What we did – Full WordPress Development

Integrated Email

Email is a big pull for offline businesses as well. Generally the gaming community have passionate fans who are excited about new offerings. They are also more likely to take action on receiving updates.

To attract them, Zero Latency wanted to use Email marketing. Once the emails are collected, sending them a bulk message about new games offered was a solid way of getting more walk-ins. Novatise, integrated the email platform to the website to enable this marketing.

Hassle Free Offline Experience

One of the main things Zero Latency wanted was to make online and offline work together seamlessly. For that, we integrated the waiver forms and the payment gateway.

Integrating Waiver Forms

As every customer needs to sign a waiver form before participating in the games, we made life easy by integrating the form into the site. This form requires details of the children who are visiting the outlet. In addition, parents consent is mandatory. We didn’t want the parents to be filling the form in the outlet. So to save time, we integrated the form on the site. This way, people could visit the location and start gaming directly, instead of waiting to fill the form.

Integrating Payment

The same customers could pay online and completely avoid the queue. This meshed Zero Latency’s offline and online world. The online experience removed the hassles and the offline world would provide the experience.

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