Your eyes aren’t just beautiful, they are a gateway to a world that I want to be part of.

About Jez Brows

Jez Brows is a makeup clinic in Singapore that do eyebrow treatments and lips embroidery.

We model the principal beautician as the main draw on the website, showcasing her services as well as her story, perfecting BEAUTY.

What they hired us for

To build a channel that brings consistent leads and build a brand from scratch.

eyebrow embroidery

beauty services like eyebrow embroidery singapore

6d eyebrow embroidery

Main draw is the design of the logo as well as the name card and brochure.

eyebrow embroidery singapore 6d


What we did

The main strategy was to focus on Location and Pricing. We wanted everybody in and around the area to be aware of the shop and know that it was reasonable. The main issue with building a brand from scratch is the fact that you don’t know what channels work and what doesn’t work. It requires experimentation and optimization to figure out the best possible channels.


Google Adwords

For Jezbrows, we experimented with Google Adwords. Why Adwords?

Adwords has users with the intent to convert. They aren’t “looking” around, they are looking for a solution.

Google Adwords is great for bringing in hot leads. One more thing, it’s good for is brand building. When people search for a keyword, the first results they see is the one on Adwords. So even though they don’t click on the ad. They register the name of the brand.

We optimized the ads with interesting keywords and content to attract women who wanted to do eyebrow embroidery among other services.

So we used Google Adwords for Jezbrows that brought in quality leads as well as built the brand name.


Content Writing

Writing high quality content and ranking them on Google to get inbound traffic is the cheapest form of lead generation. These leads are generally high quality leads because, they see relevant content and are confident of Jezbrow’ ability and are more likely to engage their services.

The content was written to target a very specific audience. Urban women who are into grooming.

content writing for jezbrows

We wrote specific content which we knew, would pique their interest.



The reason to enter Facebook for Jezbrows is because of the demographic we wanted to target. Young, working, urban, women were the largest users of social media and would spend majority of their time on this channel than Facebook or anywhere else.

In Instagram, they are more receptive and as they follow only their close friends, they pay more attention to the posts and ads that show up.

Social media brought in significant leads. We focused on showcasing content that was the service being performed. Women wanted to be pampered like that and would sign-up.


After our initial push, Jezbrows was able to break even in 6 months time. Breaking even for a physical store is quite hard because of the fixed overheads such as rent, employee cost, electricity for running the equipment and more. Due to our efforts we were able to build and they took charge of their Facebook and Instagram accounts, while Novatise continued the SEO process.