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The mobile menu ordering system facilitates the ordering of products, items and inventory through the use of a mobile device, thereby resulting in increased productivity and reduction in manpower. This iPad self ordering system works best for F&B, restaurants, quick serve, food kiosk etc.


– eMenu, categorising menu for easy reference

– Point of Sales system integrated.

– Dual language mobile ordering system

– Order confirmation send to Kitchen Printer

– Order confirmation send to POS system

– Inventory management

– Customer billing and payment through the app (optional)

– Design customisation

Spring ICV and PIC compatible.

As the labour crunch in Singapore is worsening, eateries are tapping on more seasoned Singaporean IT specialists as an option to innovate to make employments less demanding and more astute while giving customers a better user experience.

From iPad menus, clients are able to submit their requests to manmade brainpower cooking machines that can diminish labor, a mechanized lining framework which rearranges the operational efficiency, there is a huge gander at a portion of the developments that eateries in Singapore have been working on.

It is not good to see long lines at F&B outlets amid early lunch on weekends. Thus, its mechanized lining framework is a blessing device, and flawless execution to decrease clients’ disappointments. Register at the booth and you will be educated when the table is prepared. It is advantageous for both customers and staff.

Clients can get a queue number from a Queue management system and order the food while waiting. The order will be send to the kitchen subsequently and food will be served when customer manage to get a seat in the restaurant. This whole process cut down all waiting time and make the whole workflow as efficient.

We have good experience dealing with a number of restaurants and quick serve stores here in Singapore.

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