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Statistics Show Facebook Marketing Increases Business by up to 89%

Once upon a time, companies were slow to get on social media platforms for fear productivity would screech to a grinding halt while employees played with status updates instead of working on the status quo. Today, however, companies that aren’t on the up and up with social media marketing are the ones who are losing out, to the tune of millions.

That’s because everything is online now and the best way to reach potential buyers, create fans and succeed at business is to make social media your friend. As an example, Facebook marketing Singapore takes more than just creating a page for your business. It takes building that page and profile plus generating more likes. What's more is you need to test out various ways to make Facebook advertising work for you and not you work for Facebook.
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Can You Hear It?

Social Media create's a large profit opportunity to those willing to take advantage of community word of mouth. Social Media Marketing is the process of getting viral, exponential website traffic through the power of people.

Create emotionally rewarding experiences on your facebook fanpage to convert your visitors into your customers. We understand that not only is the incentive for user conversion different in every industry, but the motivation can be different for every single visitor. Some people convert by reading, some prefer audio, and some like video or graphics.

For this reason you must provide a diverse and exciting website that plays on different action triggers. We help you by doing the research and take your online conversion rates to new colossal levels. We are your partner in Facebook marketing Singapore.
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How it Works

  • Automatic distribution -

    Don't double your content work.

  • Conversation connectors -

    Responsive communication wins hearts.

  • Metrics -

    Data reports about the reach and reactions.

  • App Building -

    Ongoing engagement has more benefits than we could list.

  • Social Media Marketing Singapore

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    Facebook Marketing Singapore
    There are many benefits from social media but it can also have major pitfalls if not done correctly.

    Here at Novatise, we make great effort in analysing your industry and getting the best social media community to get you results. Novatise then manages and/or automates your social media profiles, apps, and pages to position your company as an industry expert and social media hit in Singapore. We are really good in Facebook Marketing Singapore.

    Running FB Advertising Campaigns? Novatise is able to strategise and execute it…

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