How Do You Start A Blog? FatPX

Starting your very own blog may appear difficult and puzzling, particularly when you lack the technical experience, but every journey – even the one into the mystical realm of blogging – starts with the first step.

Keep in mind that knowledge comes from experience and you never really stop learning throughout your blogging career. The good news is that advanced technical skills are not mandatory, since most of the process is automated. So let’s get your foot on that first step, shall we?

  1. What subject will constitute the focus of your blog?

The single most important part of blogging is the content, meaning the subject you actually write about on it. Remember that irrespective of the fancy domain or the astounding layout and other visual elements, the blog’s content is what determines readers to come back for more.

As of such, you need to ‘comb’ through your list of interests and pick one – or more – that you’re knowledgeable really passionate about. You’ll always find it much simpler to create content based on a familiar topic compared to one you have to learn from scratch.

  1. Free blogging platforms versus their self hosting counterparts

WordPress is currently the most widely utilized blogging platform in the world, counting over 60 million downloads and numerous highly popular blogs under its belt. The main advantages consist of:

  • Numerous themes and layouts that can be accessed free of charge

  • Simple customization options for media content

  • Enables user interactions via comment and sharing

But while all the platform’s features can be utilized free of charge, the same cannot be said when it comes to unpaid hosting services. While these services may constitute learning tools for novice bloggers, you will eventually hit a brick wall, in terms of:

  • Inability to select the domain of your choosing

  • Limited themes, layouts and plugins
  • Lack of control over the blog

  • No monetization perks or high commission fees

On the other hands, self hosted blogs have none of the aforementioned setbacks and cost very little on average, plus you can always cancel your subscription. Win-win!

  1. Selecting your domain name

The three pillars of selecting a suitable domain name for your blog are relevancy, catchiness and uniqueness. To elaborate a bit, the domain name should be consistent with the type of content and also clever enough to capture the interest of your potential readers. In addition, having a unique domain name than one that is different by the other thousands of similar ones via a string of numbers also works to your advantage.


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