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Bring your website idea to life, or breathe new life into an existing sight with Novatise. We are a Singaporean-based company devotes every fibre of its existence to designing and developing websites in order to help your business excel. The highly skilled team of Singapore website designers, copywriters, and web developers at Novatise all work together to form a synergized world-class custom Word Press Website Singapore that goes beyond a fashionable layout.

At Novatise, a beautiful website design is only part of the solution for your business needs. The other part is practicality, particularly how your website functions when accessed by mobile devices. Only one out of every five websites works properly on mobile phones. If your website lags on mobile devices or has a difficult-to-navigate layout, you’ll lose customers and prospects. Users will leave and seek out other mobile-friendly options for the products and services you provide so it’s important to get in the real online game with a website that properly functions from desktop to mobile.

Novatise understands that you have a unique perspective and edge to share with your customers, both current and future. Truly a bespoke web development service in Singapore, you can rest assured that Novatise will keep in line with your business and brand vision while accomplishing your online objectives. Visitors will become leads and customers and brand that need building will grow.

If you’re going for an Ecommerce or booking system, Novatise can expertly set that up. Thanks to a team of professionals with demonstrated knowledge of PayPal or Stripe products, you can be confident that you’re in good hands to get your online business up and running smoothly.

Check out our past design works to discuss your high-end web design or website redesign requirements. We are always been perceived as the web design company Singapore that small businesses love.

WordPress Website Design Singapore

WordPress Web Development Services Singapore

User Interface Experience

$2000 / Design

  • 1 x UX/UI consultation
  • Intuitive Web Design
  • 2 x Design Revisions
  • Unique Graphics
WordPress Web Development Services Singapore

Word Press Development

$500 / Day

    Customised Word Press Development
  • Word Press CMS
  • Customised Theme Development
  • Mobile Responsive
  • PHP/CSS/HTML coding
WordPress Web Development Services Singapore

Cloud WP Hosting

$39 / month

Unlimited Hosting on AWS Cloud
  • Managed Word Press Update
  • Enhanced Security
  • Secured Web Host
  • Daily Backup
  • Minimum commitment 12 months
  • Yearly billing
WordPress Web Development Services Singapore

Wordpress Web Maintenance

$99/ month

Holistic WP Maintenance Plan
  • 1 x Web Content Update
  • Setup HTTPS
  • Setup Cloudflare
  • Weekly Update of Website Plugins
  • Full Website Security
  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • Support for all Web Matters
  • Yearly Billing

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 WordpressWeb Development & Website Maintenance Singapore

Do you want to stand out from your competition?

…or do you need it?


Novatise delivers the best web design, best web development in Singapore
because we have a proven portfolio.



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Step 1 :  Analyze & Research

First things should come first, and at Novatise they ask questions. Lots of them, in fact. It’s by asking all the right questions that they can discover who your customer is and who you are. By getting inside both sides of your business – your side and the customers you’re trying to reach – they can help find the unique connection between both and formulate a way to create synchronicity.

Once it’s found, Novatise will work tirelessly to let the world know what it is that makes your business special.

Step 2 :  Get Lots of Ideas

Novatise doesn’t just hand over one layout and wish you luck. The talented team of web designer delivers multiple design mockups for you to choose from. Only the strongest of ideas survive this way. By using this method, you’ll find the ideal website design and solution for your business.

Step 3 :  Finish it Off

Once you’ve made your selection from the web designs, Novatise finishes off the blueprints and adds in the other fine details to create the rest of your pages. Then it goes live, changing your business for the better.

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Web Design Agency Singapore


The name Novatise is derived from the word “innovate.” Truly, it’s what Novatise does best – create innovative solutions for two distinct sides – your business and the customers you serve. Through web application design and digital marketing, Novatise uses this innovation to help you establish your image and rapport between you and your clients. And as technology grows and changes, we grow and change too to provide the ultimate online business solutions for you with the utmost effort and professional advice on matters regarding the development of applications, design, and production of interactive media.

In these modern times, it’s important to have a massive online presence that speaks to your clients. As more and more people rely on their smartphones for internet access on the go, it is absolutely imperative that your website functions efficiently on every medium to ensure you don’t drive away sales. If you’ve ever looked something up on your smartphone and rolled your eyes at the impractical design, been annoyed by how slowly it loads or even had trouble simply scrolling along to the bottom of the page, you know what a humungous turn off that can be. With Novatise, your website will stand out, be easy to navigate on mobile devices, and help better your business.

Remember, the online world has much to offer, however not every search engine, even Google brings about results that are truly suited for your needs. When it comes to web development Singapore, experience and reliability are essential credentials in choosing a web development company. At Novatise, there is no sales team. We are a small web design agency company that functions solely to bring the best experience to you and your business before, during, and after your web design and development project is complete.

WordPress Development Singapore

wordpress development singapore

While it is true that the online world has a lot to offer when you are looking for a good web design company in Singapore you still have to be very evaluative. Not all that the search engine like Google brings out are really suited for your demands. Experience and reliability is the key to a good web development project. Singapore is overflowing with website designers but to what extent do you think is a good one?

Here at Novatise, we do not have a sales team, we work on the principle of bringing the best experience to be it before or after sales. Every web project we developed we will advise on web design Singapore, internet marketing – SEO Singapore , server hosting and maintenance and of course ultimately your budget. Feel free to consult us and we will work towards your business needs.


WordPress Web Design Company


Web Design Singapore Novatise


This is our call to action for delivering the BEST & AFFORDABLE WordPress Web Design & Website Development in Singapore

For all businesses, talk to us and we shall see how we can make use of our relevant experience to help you achieve long term success for your business development, brand building and leads generation.

A website does nothing for you if it doesn’t have a call to action or is impossible to navigate smoothly. Create a consult with Novatise today to bring call to action to your web design. With Singapore web design, internet marketing, SEO Singapore, server hosting, and maintenance that fits your budget, Novatise will bring you the essential elements your business needs to succeed in our digital economy.

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We are LOCAL team of web designers and developers good in applications development, specialising in Word Press customised solutions in Singapore. Speak to us about your web design/development requirements today.