There’s one funny thing about marketing channels.

We’ll use a particular channel extensively for personal and professional reasons. We’ll use the channel for years, if not decades.

But at the end of it, when it comes to marketing, they’ll doubt it.

I’ve been perplexed by the number of people who have refused the impact of SEO and Google Ads repeatedly even though they’ve been users.

This isn’t a feeling experienced only by a few people, but by a lot of business owners.

I understand. You put in your hard earned money into a marketing effort, you learn strategies and techniques and run a campaign and the result you get is often…


It’s painful. And good business people double down on what works and cut out what doesn’t. It’s basic business sense. But what if I told you, most people don’t plan their campaigns properly and that is why they fail?

When they fail, they think that particular channel doesn’t work and they stop marketing on that channel.

Would you give up on your business, if one aspect of it didn’t work?

I didn’t think so.

So why would you give up on these marketing channels that don’t work?

The biggest marketing channel that has got a bad reputation with a lot of business owners giving up on it is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Singapore

Why does Email Marketing get such a bad rep?

There’s only one reason and it’s the rejection of a non-reply. It’s the most painful feeling when you get no replies.

It’s kind of similar to getting rejected by a girl you really liked in your secondary school days.

But did you ask yourself, why it didn’t work?

It’s probably because she wasn’t the right one for you. The same applies to email marketing. The biggest mistake people make is they get their target audience wrong.

But why should you pursue email marketing you ask?

What makes Email Marketing work in Singapore?

They are not advertisements

Let’s be honest. Advertisements are irritating. The ad chases you everywhere. Video ads play before your Youtube video, it can get annoying and you might close the video.

Emails are not meant to advertise, they are meant to introduce. It’s saying hello to a stranger. The intention is to do business together, but there’s no intention to sell.

They are also more personal and personalized, which give the reader a feeling that they have been specifically targeted. With advertising, it is not pleasing to audiences.

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People never skip their emails

People don’t get on Facebook for weeks on end. They don’t log on to social media and that’s acceptable. But they’ll never skip on their inbox. People are programmed to check their emails, especially work emails.

The likelihood of people coming across your email are very high. In fact, if your deliverability is 100%, it’s likely that everybody will see your email.

You can follow-up

One of the most underrated aspects of an email is following up. Email etiquette expects people to reply to emails. If they don’t, you can follow up. The reply rate for a campaign skyrockets when follow-ups are made. It’s an industry standard. Try this in cold calling and you would be considered irritating. In fact, you would be blocked.

Hubspot has written a good article about writing awesome follow-up emails. Read it HERE.

It’s not a random selection of people, you know who you are targeting

When it comes to advertising on Google or Facebook, you have an idea of who is getting targeted. But you don’t have specific details. When it comes to email marketing, you know exactly who you are targeting. You know their name, their job title, the company they work for and if you do a bit of research, you’ll know their likes, dislikes and more.

Here at Novatise, we are the experts in targeting such. We build a good list for you to target using a seamless approach.

Check out our article on how we do it for you.

Why is this better?

With highly specific targeting, you know what exactly to pitch. So you improve your odds of conversion.

It doesn’t involve crazy optimisations

Getting started with advertising on Google and Facebook have a steep learning curve. You need to understand a lot of technical words, you need to do a lot of research and even after you have learned enough, optimizing your campaigns is no easy task.

Email marketing is far simpler. You need to know the basics and then execute.

Screenshot of what I have done at Novatise.

email writeup singapore

You learn and optimise on the go

A good email campaign is sent to a handful of people and not more. This is because, from each campaign, there’s a lesson to be learned. The learnings from that campaign are used in the next. This iterative cycle helps in improving your campaign numbers radically.

When you send out an email campaign, you can start off with sending to 5 people. So you can test the waters slowly, but this is not the case for advertising channels. You can’t target just a few people. You’ll need to pump in a lot more money to test the waters

There’s a mantra that I follow and that is

“If you never try, you’ll never know”.

If you don’t experiment and try different strategies when it comes to email marketing, then you won’t succeed. Patience is key.

Here is a simple step by step process to get your Singapore Email Marketing campaign started

  1. Understand the in’s and out’s of your product. The pros and cons, how is it better from the competition, etc. You’ll need this information to craft your pitch.
  2. Who is your ideal customer – Identify the company and the department
  3. Who is the ideal person to reach out to – The person within the company
  4. Ideate on the strategy for reaching out – A phone call, a reply over email, a meeting.
  5. Craft a few emails that are personalised, friendly and that gets the point across.
  6. Come up with a solid subject line and try a few different subject lines and choose the one that is likely to be opened
  7. Choose the date and time you want to send the email. Choose carefully as this can impact your open and reply rates.
  8. Create a bunch of follow-up emails, in case they don’t reply. Create a minimum of two follow-up emails.
  9. Send the campaign
  10. Wait

To summarise, trust a channel and invest your time and reap the rewards.

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Author: Jon Ng, Growth Marketer


We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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