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Few words about who we are

When I started internet marketing, I had one website. I had no marketing dollars and I was just experimenting online. I would publish posts and see if I could generate traffic.

- Jon Ng

It is never

After the initial few months,

the results were haphazard, but I was hooked. I knew if I put in more effort, I would be able to drive quality traffic for my clients and myself. I considered it a superpower.

I put in the hard yards, I honed my craft, I experimented. I tested numerous strategies, read the best articles online, implemented the best ideas and due to all my efforts, my team and I had great success.


Over the past 5 years,

my team and I have helped 100+ SMEs and startups grow and scale their businesses to a level they thought wasn’t possible. But we are picky and work with only a few select businesses.

We work with businesses where we believe, we can make the biggest impact.


who do we work with?

The criteria for the businesses we work with are, strong and viable business model and a significant budget for marketing.

Making money using the internet is a superpower. And for the first time, we would like to give you that superpower.


you need our help

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