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Before we get to our process of working and our thoughts on design, here is a bit about our firm.

Our company help businesses grow their online digital presence. Novatise also publishes consistently on their blog that helps marketers, designers, and developers with regular content connected to their industry.

In a Design dominated world, how can you not look good? With the number of products that are there, it’s very difficult to stand out. There is an excess of everything. Every social media channel has an infinite scroll. Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter all have content flowing through them on a per second basis. If users are going to scroll through their feed, then they will stop scrolling only to those designs that will catch their eye.

At Novatise, our design team works with the latest design standards and it’s not about it looking good, it’s about what effect it has on people and if people are inclined to make a transaction.

Any designer can make a decent looking poster or brochure. But knowing the science behind what works for a design and how to make a design convert users better is what we are experts at.

We call it conversion- based design. Check out our Lead Generation Services on how we use to design and content to convert.

We offer services such as Graphic Design, Logo Design, and Brochure Design. So read further to understand our process for each type of design and how it can benefit you.


Graphic Design Singapore

product market fit singapore

What can our Graphic Design Singapore team do?

We work on posters, magazines, book covers and everything in between. Our graphic design team can take simple things like Text and Images and convert it into a perfect graphic that explains your core idea. You know one of the main components of graphic design?

It’s consistency.

Your posters should have the same design sense and rendition of that of a brochure for an example. Our graphic designs will be innovative at the same time communicating to people that this design is from your company.

graphic design singapore

Collection of Sale Discount Styled origami Banners. Vector

Graphic design process

  • To make sure to have brand consistency across all mediums of posters, social media content and anything offline and online.
  • To use the latest design standards for creating content that will connect to the user.
  • To create designs that convert and make sure it just doesn’t look good, but it also works.
  • Depending on what you require is, graphic designs can be fun, informative, useful or even make people laugh.

Logo Design Singapore

logo design singapore

The Logo is the reflection of your brand, your thoughts, your vision. All these are condensed into a small image or icon. A logo should explain your core ethos without text. Our logo design process is as follows

  • We understand the brand ethos of the company.
  • We figure out the suitable colours for the Industry you are in based on colour theory.
  • We figure out if a mnemonic logo will work or a text-based logo will work for your business
  • We test these designs on multiple mediums, that is on a website, on a letterhead, as a billboard and see if the logo extends to all mediums.
  • We use the latest design standards in designing the logo so you have a timeless logo and not something that will get old within a few years.

logo design singapore

Brochure Design Singapore

brochure design singapore

Brochure design is what you use when you have to explain something that might take ten pages and condense it in a few pages. You need to find the right ingredients to come up with a great story to tell. Singapore brochure design should explain a lot without overwhelming the reader. A brochure should be a good summary of a product or your company even.

Why do you need brochures in Singapore?

Even in a digital world, brochures work and they work because they are physical and as close to the user as possible. An online design can be lost in the countless distraction, but a brochure can get the users attention and retain it for some time. A brochure design can be placed anywhere. In restaurants, in shops, theatres, offices and almost anywhere your user is.

Some of our portfolios…

Flyer Design, Infographics. Brochure Designs Singapore

Set of Flyer Design, Web Templates. Brochure Designs, Technology Backgrounds. Mobile Technologies, Infographic and statistic Concepts and Applications covers.

Brochure design process

  • To understand all that encompasses your product or business
  • To understand the core milestones and stand out features and add it to the brochure.
  • To choose the right imagery that will complement the text in the brochure.
  • To choose the right kind of design depending on where the brochure will be placed
  • To choose the right colour combinations to make sure it stands out and people will want to pick it up.

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We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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