WordPress has been a platform for numerous people to make money for their living. One of the usual questions asked by individuals looking to move beyond working with WordPress is what do you need to become a WordPress developer especially in Singapore. WordPress is not just for bloggers as interpreted by most of them. It has ample of opportunities beyond blogging. Other than a content creator, one might want to be a designer, educator, marketer, coding specialist, etc. It is all about identifying these opportunities and analysing yourself where you want to be to establish yourself as a WordPress professional or a WordPress developer Singapore.

Firstly, to achieve success in becoming a WordPress professional, it is quite important that you have the passion for being a WordPress professional. One should have enough confidence in his ability to learn. There are a lot of people who are self-taught as there are no such criteria for being a WordPress professional.

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Here are some useful tips on how to get into professionalism in WordPress:

Identify your field of professionalism

The first step towards becoming a professional is identification the field you want to excel in. This decision might not turn out to be a permanent one but requires to be taken for a good start. Analyze your interests whether you want to get into the development sector like CSS, HTML or JavaScript, WordPress Developer Singapore, Content creator, Educators using different WordPress plugins and educating people online and offline, Marketer, etc. Thus you need to choose an area of professionalism. Later there can be two areas of professionalism as well! It ‘s nice to take your past skills and experiences into consideration as having a basic knowledge of the subject makes it easier for one to understand where you could actually excel.

Who will you work for?

This is the second question you need to answer yourself. To pursue your specialisation in a field, you need a market to make your living. The different options one has are getting employed by an agency, a digital or non-digital employer, taking contracts as a freelancer and being self-employed, directly working for clients, working through an intermediary, launching a start-up or monetising your own website. As per one’s convenience and knowing the upsides and downsides of each, one can choose a perfect path to reach the market.

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Keep developing your skills

When you start working for a market, your experiences teach you a lot. However, one should also stay updated with the rapidly changing technology. Also, keep learning to get deeper into the professionalism. Suppose you are a professional designer, it is great to start working for your clients but also keeps widening up your knowledge through online courses, face to face training sessions, local WordPress meet-ups, big events, books written by professionals, reading blogs, etc. Learning and implementing them into your real work will fetch you even more of professionalism in your work.

Create a portfolio

Creating a portfolio helps you connect with a larger market and help you communicate people what skills, experiences, and knowledge you have that can benefit them. Thus, a portfolio showcases your skills to the target market you are willing to work for. Unless you show your skills to people outside your organization, people won’t know about you. Therefore, a portfolio removes this hindrance and helps you build more customers.

Create a network

WordPress has large communities of people. Getting into these networks will help you find out ample of opportunities. Look for events near you. You will be surprised to find out how people in these events are hiring. There is a huge demand for WordPress developers especially in Singapore, maybe it is a website designing or innovating, graphics, coding, etc. Creating networks will make you realise how managers in the companies are looking for talent and how huge your scope has widened.

Find a perfect opportunity

Now that you have built a portfolio, got into networks and found out different opportunities for yourself, it’s time to choose the most appropriate one and launch your first job or client. Give your best, and you’ll realise your opportunities have kept on widening from time to time. Some of the channels suggested that can be used are networking, Job boards, Social media, word of mouth where you tell people about your services, etc.

Final word

When you are moving into the professional zone of work, there are certain things you should be aware of. Make sure that you are aware of what is happening in the industry. Keep developing your knowledge and skills consistently. It ‘s nice to talk to people as you get to know a lot more through communicating. It is great to know about the web development outside the world of WordPress. You get a big picture of the community of designers. Move outside your comfort zone and take up challenges. It is only then one can succeed. And finally be prepared for a change. Keeping all these points in the mind, one can become a professional word press developer Singapore and achieve success.

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