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So you are a Singapore business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur and you are looking to get a website built, but you don’t know the head or tail of it. People who are not in the Web Development space can have a hard time in understanding the cost and requirements of a web development project.
What we have here is a thorough guide that shows you the scope of the work and the cost it will take for such work. This is to give you an idea of where your project will fit in.

There are a host of factors which determines the cost of the website and here are some common generic ones.

• How big your company is
• The Number of pages you are looking to create
• If it’s a simple website or a dynamic website
• If you want a custom design or a theme
• If you need an E-commerce integration
• If you need a back-end with user logins
• If you need a web application with many database and logic features
All these play a major role. Now breaking down this even further, let’s see what kind of business needs what website and how much that will cost


1. An Informational Website with the Basic Features

Generally for companies like a Real Estate listing site or a law firm, they don’t need a lot going on in terms of functionalities. It should be highly informational. If for the real estate company, high quality pictures of their properties, addresses of their properties, description of the properties in terms of location, quality of construction, amenities and also information on who to contact.

For a lawyer’s website, you might need basic information on the years of experience, the filed they specialize in, the size of the team, the qualifications of the lawyers and more.

If you surmise the scope of the project, this website design Singapore will have a 8 to 10 pager with the following features.

• A blog to talk about real estate trends or legal trends
• Comments and reviews on the blog
• Contact form to get in touch
• Database login for the company
• E-mail Subscription
• Bookings for Appointment
• Hosting and E-mail set up

A website like this will come in the S$2,000 to $8,000 range. The range is wide because of the level of detailing and functionality the website owner needs.

2. An E-commerce Store

E-commerce stores are a lot more complicated than static websites. They require a high level of customization and fluidity because there are a lot of things going on. Here are some of the features that’s expected in an e-commerce store.

  • Customer log-ins and account management that shows their past orders and shipping details
  • Setting-up of Product section – This can be 50 products or 5000 products
  • Images uploading
  • Pricing + Shipping and Tax information of the product
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonial Section
  • Cart functionality
  • Product page description and more

An e-commerce store is complex and depending on the feature sets and the number of listed products, it can easily range from $5,000 to $20,000 SGD.

3. A Community

Community websites are gaining massive popularity and every website owner these days are intent on creating their own Tribe. A website like this will have features for

• Creating a discussion
• Enabling Account Sign-ups including Avatars
• Option for commenting and uploading images and URL’s
• Maybe a points system for Gamifying the experience

A website like this would cost around $12,000 to $20,000.

4. Creating a Webapp (Ex: Fiverr or Airbnb)

A webapp is the most complex of all. Depending on the kind of work. Not all web apps are the same. For example, a site like Airbnb is totally different when compared to a Yelp sort of a website. So let’s breakdown webapps.

• A Marketplace

A marketplace model is one of the most lucrative business opportunities around in these times. It generally involves 3 parties. Taking amazon as an example, There is the buyer, there is the person who lists the product and there is Amazon itself.

There are multiple log-ins, options for uploading products, comparisons etc. A marketplace would cost around $50,000 to $150,000

• Listing Site

A listing site like Yelp involves uploading hundreds and thousands of restaurants, but the company itself upload these listings including the images etc. A strong review and rating system is required. An algorithm which puts together all the ratings and gets the right number out is important. This can range from $20,000 to $40,000

• A Custom Software

Say you wanted to build your own Basecamp like application. This involves a complete customised solution. This has to be built from scratch and all the features that’s required. A custom Web App definitely needs a programmer who is strong with logic and algorithms. A project like this can take up to a year to develop and we are talking about a lean team which comprises of a Project manager, a Front end developer and a Backend developer, not take into consideration the cost of designing fees.

This would easily cost $250,000 and more.

So how to find the right Web Developer?
Now you have all this information. How do you know to choose the right company for your website?

The first step is to do a bit of Google research and figure out what people are talking about the Development company. Also, depending on your requirement, it makes sense if the Web or App development agency has built a similar application to yours. Especially, if it’s a web application, you don’t want novices handling your website.

The right web development agency also has a very clear-cut plan in terms of the scope of work. They are able to break all modules down and assign a timeline for each module. This shows they know what exactly is required and how much time it’ll take.

A good web development agency is also good at one thing. Understanding your situation. They aren’t in a hurry to just get on with it. They try to understand your business, you needs. A lot of them also send out questionnaire’s for your team to fill out.

We help SMEs in Singapore to create web and mobile applications which increases their sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such no sales person is involve. We deal with the customers directly to achieve growth and success.

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