Done with the creation of a website, alright? But does that suffice enough to bring out profit in your business and success in SEO process? Certainly not. So what’s more required in achieving the epitome of success this digital world?

The structured data can be defined as the standardized format that deals with all the database and information about a webpage and the corresponding page content. It classifies the page content on basis of certain parameters accordingly. Courtesy of structured data, a website’s ranking results in a due increase by the search engines because of the fact that there exists a definite organization and a perfect display of all the valuable content that the user/crawler seeks while surfing. So, the proper organization of the page contents as well as the non-essentials has seemingly gained an invaluable importance in the recent past.

So, gear yourselves up for knowing more about the application of structured data to a website. In this read, you will be having a glance at the process of applying the structured data and the organization of a website after it has been created.


It sounds catchy and indeed it holds a crucial value in boosting the rank of your website among the search engines. It is referred to as a type of code (otherwise called the SEMANTIC vocabulary) that proves quite conducive in boosting the search results among users through the means of rich snippets. The format used is of micro data type. So, what is that really that the Schema markup brings in order to attain the enhancement of SEO for a website? We already have a clear cut idea regarding the indexing of the content that is included in the webpage. What the schema markup does is it boosts the rate of search queries among the crawlers thorough the semantic web method.

Now let’s discuss about the semantic vocabulary web. It is referred to as the science of finding the meaning of the signals/phrases that a user puts which is made to understand by the searching for the boosting and efficient searching process. The literal meaning of certain keywords or phrases can be very well understood by the major search engines, but courtesy of a higher level of proper organization in adding structured data to a website, we can very well find that the search engine becomes successful in digging out the deeper meanings which lie inside the statements that are being queried for. The extent of understanding of the main motive of search query elevates into a whole new level.

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One such phenomenal development which the digital world has seen is the SCHEMA.ORG. The internet wizard’s world seeks a helping hand through the means of a markup language in order to enhance the procedure of SEO. SCHEMA.ORG was discovered to serve the purpose of increasing the quality of user-experience in addition to that, this has successfully proved to be a boon for the webmasters. There exist certain formats, namely JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata and various other mentionable formats that serve individual purposes on basis of the requirements of the SEO processes. Vocabulary plays a vital role in this SEO world and the application of structured data really creates a platform where both the users as well as the developers go through a hassle-free experience in the process.

The implementation of to your corresponding web pages acts as a catalyst in boosting the rankings of your particular website. The process of data linkage is made possible in today’s world by the help of JSON-LD. It stands for Java-Script-Object-Notation for Linked method. This process uses JSON, which is an interchangeable format that improves both the readability and writing ability on the behalf of both machines as well as human beings.

Are you confused here? Here is an example.

Let’s say you would love to provide contact information for your company. You could just pop the information onto your website footer, and that would work well for any visitors that come to your site.

But search engines like Google will have to work a little to figure out what these raw data means.

However, if you use schema markup, you can tell search engines that your contact information is your contact information (instead of just some random data).

You would do that by using this markup:


From the very beginning, we have mentioned that in order to attain the epitome of success in the domain of this fast growing digital world which is based upon the SEO process completely, you just have to add the application of structured data to your respective websites. Through this process, you will definitely find the enhancement of SEO as well as the increase in ranking of your website as per the search engines, which is indeed the ultimate aim of any organization or individual who has an eye for developing a website and ruling the digital world!

It’s important to keep these in mind when using schema markup. This is not a time for black hat or gray hat SEO. Remember, the gist of using structured data is to help search engines better display your content.

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