Any person that works in the sales description knows that CRM Software is crucial for any business as it can help govern and run it properly. With CRM usage being up to 74% more popular nowadays than a few years ago, it’s a very good idea to integrate this in the day to day endeavours. But how much does this cost and how can it help your business? Is the price an important factor when you choose a CRM Software? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

We researched in order to see which is the most popular CRM system on the market and based on that we created a comparison of all pricing models that you can find based on the most popular CRM products that you can find here. Instead of having to multiple browser windows, just check out this useful pricing guide to get the information you want as fast as possible.

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This is by far one of the most popular CRM software solutions on the market since it has been here for 15 years and it focuses on marketing and sales functions for a company which are both crucial for it functioning properly. Some important features here include contact management, forecasting as well as analytics, mobile access and opportunity management. When it comes to pricing they do offer a variety of options, and it’s all about the number of users that you expect to have as based on that you can figure out the server demand and pricing you might want to opt for.

Pricing options are $5, $25, $65, $125 and $300, so there’s indeed quite a difference. By upgrading you have the ability to acquire all features from the levels below yours, all whole having access to some new and exciting features as well. Billing is the same for every level, since you are billed annually, and pricing is per user, per month. You need an annual contract.

Some of the important differences between each pricing level is the number of users, with the first tiers allowing a maximum of 5 users while the others deliver an unlimited number. Storage is also different, because each package tends to offer more per user which makes them more useful in this regard. On top of that, customization does differ as well because upgrading does deliver new customization options. The lower levels allow you to just customize reports, with the others enabling you to customize the sales dashboard as well and the final one actually enables you to create a large amount of custom applications which is a major plus. A complete feature list is to be found at here.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM integrates a multitude of tools such as RPG, human resources, accounting and many others. The solution is great for small and medium companies as well and it does include features like reporting, campaign management, social integration and the like.

When it comes to pricing, it has either a cloud based or an on-premise feature. Each one has ups and downs, it all comes down to you. The first one is $39 per month while the latter’s price is customizable based on your needs, usually it’s around $495 per user license plus an annual support price that can raise its price with $100 or so. The second option also includes advanced mail management, ,more customization options and a complete integration with the ERP solution from SAGE.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM integrates 25 different online tools for the business world including CRM. It’s basically a SaaS and it allows you to automate sales as well as track opportunities, social integration and access mobile capabilities. You have 4 pricing tiers, ranging from Free to $12 per month, $20 or $35 per month. All of these are billed per user per month and you basically have to pay as you go.

The things that make a difference here are the number of records that does range based on the upgrades you make with the final option delivering unlimited record support, but also analytics. The simple option integrates standard reports only, with the others offering access to a custom dashboard and custom repots as well. The more you pay, the more integration you get with apps, with new apps being unlocked as you pay more. You can find a comparison at here.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a very good CRM software solution and it has 3 main versions, Professional, Basic and Essential. The online versions bill you per user and per month, if you want on premise versions you will pay based on the type of license and purchase as you can see below.

Professional costs around $65 per month, the basic version is $30 per month and the barebones, essential version is $15, each one coming with its own feature set. You can find the differences between these at


SugarCRM offers pricing for both per month and per year. You get the pricing and feature list for each option at here, but the monthly option is somewhere around $35-$150 per month depending on what you choose. On the other hand, a yearly contract is between $420 and $1800. The main differences are the storage and support which do tend to differ based on the option that you choose at the end of the day.

As you can see there are multiple CRM software options on the market and all of these are very good. It all comes down to the feature list that you want but also pricing. Not only that, but there are around 400+ CRM tools out there, with these 5 being the best and most widely used in the world. You just need to figure out which one is the best for you but one thing is certain, the results are more than impressive and you should totally give each CRM solution a shot to find which one suits your needs in a much better fashion.

If the above does not suit what your looking for, speak to us and we shall see how Novatise development team can come in to build a fully customised CRM system.

We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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