While taking the lead generation in Singapore into consideration, it is an essential thing to think about your goals and define them properly. You should note down everything about both your short-term and your long-term goals. You should be clear about the percentage of the growth of your business in the coming 2-3 years. You should keep planning about the building of your business place and make it better with the increase in your sales.

If you define that how much you want to grow your business, it becomes beneficial for you to make up effective plans regarding your business because you will have a clear idea about the direction in which you are taking your business.

Here are some important pointers to know when comes to Lead Generation


It is an old saying “You have to spend money if you want to make money.” This proves to be 100% accurate while dealing with the lead generation. The amount of money that you spend can be variable depending on the strategy that you use. It is true that most of the businessmen do not want to spend minimal amounts of money, but at the same time, they also do not want to spend an enormous amount of money. It is good to go for cheap leads, but they do not pan out for the bottom line.

Setting the budget is one of the most important things. You are supposed to figure out what is reasonable to carry out your business and the manageable amount of money every month that you can spend while staying in a safe zone. If you do not become able to handle everything efficiently, then you must make some amendments to your plan. Make sure that your plan is flexible enough to be changed even in the mid of the month.

Acquiring leads and nurturing the existing leads:

The business owners can take a start by attracting the leads to their websites. They can do this by generating the engaging content which they can share throughout their different channels of marketing. They can create the content about their business in different forms like eBooks, white papers, infographics, blog posts, etc. It should fit their business as well as the audience. The content can be distributed throughout your blog or other channels of social media where you see your potential customers be active.

If you have already existing leads, you can nurture them, by setting up autoresponders for the emails that are important for triggering the customized emails. This is done by sending the emails to the prospects in case they download some specific content from your blog or website. After they initiate purchasing any of the products from your company, you can also offer a trial for the product.

Leading awareness, sampling and conversion:

The stage of leading awareness is about dealing with the way to bring awareness among the leads about your company and the offerings. In this stage, the major activities are networking, advertising, and public relations. Presently the shift in lead generation also incorporates the lead sampling to a great extent. The prospects want to have the ability to sample the expertise or services of the company. It is considered to be the easiest way of moving the people towards the lead conversion, specifically in the situation when there is a great competition and the prices are very high.

Evaluating the process of Lead Generation:

Your team should keep on inspecting the entire process of lead generation for ensuring that it is generating effective results to bring new leads, nurture them, convert the new leads into regular customers and retain them over time. Identify the difficulties of the customers and attempt to solve the issue is a successful way.

This is done at the time when you learn the ways for recapturing the leads that you lost somehow. The analytics of the market can be very helpful for your team members to continue their work.

How to Generate Leads For Your Small Business Using Social Media Marketing?

Before boosting the lead generation using social media, business owners must make sure to establish themselves as the authority in their field through their blog, newsletter, website or their business practices. The business owners should always note down these auspicious points of contact for generating leads. They are perfect if you want to maintain contact with your clients, subscribers, and readers. Some of the incredible ways to generate leads for your small business using social media marketing have been mentioned below:

Answering the questions on Social Media Promptly:

If you run a small business and reply to the queries of your clients and subscribers promptly, then it is an excellent way to boost up the lead generation. There are different platforms where the customers might post about their confusions and queries like Quora, Stack Exchange, Ask.com and even on Facebook.

Paid advertisements:

Every small business owner does not prefer his way of getting leads on social media. The reason is that it requires you to spend money; often you have to spend a lot of money while doing this. However, if you use the Google ads or the ads of LinkedIn, it is a legitimate way of getting more and more leads.

Once the business owners get the contact information of the client, they start sending them the information about their discounts and other useful information. The smart business owners also start using the marketing automation for tracking the way in which their new leads get affected in a positive way from what you send to your clients. By their responses, they tailor the replies.

Delivering the perfect content on your Social Media channels:

If you want lots of people to follow you on different social media profiles as a business owner to grow up your business, it is very important to be useful. You have to prove to be useful to your customers in every possible way. The clients have no interest in the things that do not help them in any way. Now you do not have to keep promoting your products or company and keep selling your products all the time. You also have to think about the interest of your potential customers. Or you can say that you can promote and sell your products but at the same time, you have to develop the interest of your customers so that they do not get offended or annoyed by your promotional emails.

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The content that you create must also be curated on your websites and blogs. It is important to create the least amount of content for getting the maximum number of effects. Every small business owner who wants to generate leads while using the social media should aim for it. You just have to maintain the quality of your content. You have to create, share and curate your content that is favorable for your audience.

Promotion of Gated Content:

This concept is similar to the approach of paid advertisement. However, while using this way, you do not pay for exposure. Rather you just make the announcements about the free resources that are available to your audience on the social media. It is a prevalent way that the small business owners use for getting the leads over the web. It is supposed to be the essence of marketing of the content. You just have to attract the audience towards your product or brand with the help of relevant and useful content. This also helps the business owners in building the trust with their audience when they provide excellent content. So it is very appreciable to offer the clients “gated resources.” There are many examples of the gated content that get promoted on the social media.

Some other ways for Generating Lead for Your Small Business Using Social Media Marketing are using videos, reaching out to the customers directly, coordinating your social channels, etc. When you start using the social media to promote your small business or startup, you must remember that you consider the social media to be a marathon, rather than a sprint, i.e. you have to be slow and steady.

Always keep in the mind that lead generation takes time and patience is the key. Have a clearly laid out plan and made efforts to see to it that this plan is followed. Slowly but surely you will see results turning in your favour.

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