We live in a world where without advertising or marketing your business is dead. You can have a large space in one of the largest malls in Singapore and you still won’t be able to drive walk-ins without online marketing.

It is ubiquitous and it is necessary for business survival.

But what are the marketing channels that work well in the Singapore market? How much do they cost? What does one start off with it?

Cost of Internet Marketing in Singapore 2019

We answer it all in this piece. Here are the few points we cover in this article

  • How much does SEO cost in Singapore?
  • How much does it cost for Social Media Marketing?
  • How much does it cost for Email Marketing in Singapore in 2019?
  • How much does a Google ad cost?
  • How much does it cost to advertise on shopping platforms?
  • How to budget for a digital marketing campaign in Singapore?

Before you begin, there is one thing you need to understand. Singapore has only 5.6m citizens. This means no matter what you do, you can reach only so many numbers of people.

But there is one underrated aspect of Singapore and that is tourism. In 2017, it was estimated that over 17 million tourists visited the island. This is a big opportunity for advertisers, as tourists are looking to buy products and shop. Marketers and advertisers can take advantage of Facebook and Instagram’s location-based advertising opportunities to target tourists.

How much does SEO cost in Singapore?

SEO is always a hot topic of discussion among business owners because it is the possibility of driving traffic without having to spend money. SEO can be one of the most rewarding and ROI friendly marketing channels in Singapore.

A good SEO company can take your normal business with thousands of traffic and get it to hundreds and thousands in traffic by writing content and doing the traditional things.

But does SEO work in Singapore?

For smaller businesses, who want to compete with the bigwigs, SEO is the only marketing channel that has an even playfield. If you write high-quality content, post videos and do your backlinks correctly, you can drive massive amounts of traffic.

SEO ServicesPrice
Cost per content (1000 words)$300
Cost for optimization – Monthly package$50 to $5000 a month
Cost per project$1000 to $5000
Cost per hour (Consultants)$100 to $300 an hour


How much does it cost for Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is the darling child of marketers world across because of the cheap cost of advertising and marketing.

Let’s see how each channel does in Singapore.

Facebook Marketing in Singapore

Facebook has been a much-celebrated platform from a marketing standpoint. But things have changed over the years with Facebook charging users to pay to reach their own audience.

  • The organic reach with Facebook has dropped considerably. There is no point in building Facebook pages as you have to advertise to reach them. If you are looking for free marketing, Facebook is not the right platform
  • Apart from building a group, the reach of Facebook pages has dropped considerably. The only way to use Facebook effectively to sell services or products is to use Facebook Advertising.
  • Facebook Advertising is the perfect place to reach the millions of tourists who throng Singapore, as they are browsing Facebook while travelling and its perfect for restaurants and souvenir companies.
  • Facebook Advertising has become expensive in Singapore for reasons mentioned in this article.
Ads / ServiceAverage Cost
Cost of Facebook Marketing$500 to $2000/month


Instagram Marketing in Singapore

Instagram has been the premier social media platform among all channels. It has outgunned Snapchat, Facebook and others. Here is some important Instagram related information for Singapore.

  • The use of local influencers has tripled over the last year, with many brands resorting to collaborate.
  • Instagram is a perfect channel to build a persona of your customers, as you can follow your followers and understand what they need.
  • Instagram is a perfect channel for product companies that sell products that have a visual element to them.


Ads / ServiceAverage Cost
Cost of Instagram Marketing$500 to $5000 a month


Linkedin Marketing in Singapore

Linkedin is the perfect channel to network and collaborate with other tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Here is how brands use Linkedin marketing in Singapore.

  • CEO’s of service companies use it to build their personal brands and find leads by becoming authorities in their space.
  • Marketers use Linkedin to reach out directly to decision makers.


Ads / Linkedin MarketingCost
Minimum Bid$2
CPM$7.29 to $8.39
Cost of Linkedin Marketing$200 to $2000 a month


Hiring a Singapore digital marketing company

The cost of hiring a digital marketing agency for all your social media marketing needs will range from $1000 a month up to $20,000 a month(All inclusive service).

How much does it cost for Email Marketing in Singapore in 2019?

The general opinion is email marketing is on the decline. But email marketing is an underrated medium to garner leads. Here are some salient points about email marketing in Singapore.

  • As the population is limited, the cost per lead is much more expensive as each lead is more valuable, if you rely on third-party services.
  • Email marketing is a lucrative option in Singapore, as there are too many marketers who focus on this medium
  • Email marketing’ ROI can be tracked easily compared to other channels.
  • Email marketing can be timed and one can reach out to leads again if there is no response. Unlike other channels.
  • Email marketing is perfect for bloggers, services businesses and product companies


The cost of email marketing can be broken down as follows

Email marketingCost
Cost per lead$1
Cost for email marketing$200 to $5,000 a month


How much does a Google ad cost?

Pay per click is one of the most common forms of advertising that was first introduced by Google. Pay per click is when you get charged for each click through to your website.

  • Google Adwords is one of the most direct ways of targeting users for the products they are looking for.
  • Google Adwords is competitive in Singapore as many companies are targeting the same users


The cost of PPC in Singapore is truly dependent on the keywords you are targeting. For example, the insurance space can range from S$10 to S$70. Here are a few other niches.

Ads / ServiceAverage Cost
CPC on average$2
Cost of Google Adwords Implementation$1000 to $10000 a month


Singaporeans are big on shopping and e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Carousell and Qoo10 rule the roost.


ie Lazada, Qoo10, Carousell

Lazada and Qoo10 each has their own cost of marketing. If you have a business account, talk to your account manager to see which marketing promotions fits you. Marketing dollars last from $500-$5k.

As for Carousell, it is dependent on how much are you willing to boost your post via prepaid coins.

carousell coins

Check their FAQ for more info HERE.

How to budget for marketing campaigns in Singapore this 2019?

Budgeting for a digital marketing campaign is of paramount importance in 2019 for Singapore companies. It is easy to get bogged down and lose track of where you are losing your money. For this reason, it is very important to plan your budget.

The top marketing channels in 2019 are :

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Content Marketing / SEO
  • Linkedin
  • Google PPC

Before you begin, you need to split your offline budget from your online budget. Singapore companies spent 50% of the overall budget on online channels.

Say you have a total budget of $10,000 a month, this would be a good split.

Disclaimer: This is a rough estimate that depends on each business. Feel free to reduce and increase the budgets based on your plan.

Youtube marketing in Singapore in 2019

Youtube is winning the video market. It always was the hub for videos and video marketing and now it is the undisputed king. No channel comes close to Youtube’s view count and viewership. As the video format is the most consumed content on the internet, it makes sense to allocate a $3000 budget to Youtube.

Instagram marketing in Singapore in 2019

We live in a world of influencers. The biggest influencers in the world are raking in the money and some are even becoming billionaires in the process (Kylie Jenner). This means most advertisers are using these channels to promote their product.

It doesn’t cost much to create an image post on Instagram, but hiring a micro-influencer will set you back by $1500 per post.

As Instagram has better conversion rates and overall better numbers, we allocated $3000 to Instagram.

Content Marketing / SEO in Singapore in 2019

As long as Google is still alive, SEO will still be one of the top channels. Content is taking various forms with the likes of GIF’s, Infographics, Short Clips, Slides that are doing well. Good quality content that adds value to the user gets the eyeballs and conversions.

We would allocate a budget of $2000 for pure SEO and content.

If you wish to have this part sub out to a good team, visit Writise.

Google PPC advertising in Singapore in 2019

Google is in a big fight with large advertisers like Amazon and Facebook. Google is trying its level best to improve their PPC model and it still is one of the best channels for direct search keywords. We would allocate a budget of $2000 for Google PPC.
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