Copywriting is art. It’s not easy to write good copy. And good copy sells.

So who is the right type of copywriter to hire?

Now, you can find copywriters who can write grammatically correct sentences. They’ll use the right punctuation in the right places and there won’t be even the slightest mistake. But is that enough?

No, it isn’t.

In this day and age, goldfish and humans are the same. We have the shortest attention spans and your copy will need to be enticing enough. It needs to hold the user’s attention, it needs to guide them every step of the way, it needs them to take action.

So that’s how you gauge copywriters.

They write grammatically correct English.

They captivate you with their writing.

Now that you know that, let’s move to the next step. Whom to hire?

There are a kazillion options to choose from when it comes to hiring a copywriter.

Fiverr and Freelancer and Upwork

marketplace fiverr upwork

You can go to marketplaces such as Fiverr or Freelancer or Upwork and look for copywriters. But this is an arduous task, akin to climbing a mountain while smoking cigarettes.

That’s because you’d be lost in the smoke caused by the pitches and promises and you ultimately won’t know whom to hire.

But a cheap Fiverr gig can cost you $25 per page or can go up to $50 for 500 words.

At Fiverr, they work at scale. They are good at creating content very quickly, but the quality isn’t going to be too high.
Agencies and Individual Freelance Writers

When it comes to hiring a freelance writer, it’s best to go for an agency or an individual freelance writer.


Generally, their entire business is built on copywriting and they need to be really good to survive and make money. If they aren’t good, they won’t get projects.

Types of charges for a Local Singapore Copywriter

These companies charge in various ways. Let’s break this down.

Cost Per Word: Really high-quality writers charge by the word because a lot of times clients demand more than what they’ve paid for. Charging by the word does not shortchange the freelancer. If you think the agency or freelancer is really good and if you know the number of words you want to be written, this is a good payment option.

The work also starts immediately because of the fixed cost.

Cost Range: $0.50 cents to $1 a word

Cost Per Project: Depending on the number of pages you want to be written, agencies and freelancers charge based on the project. They understand the difficulty level, the expertise required and charge you an amount.

Cost Range : $1500 to $3000 for 5 webpages

Cost per Hour: There are a few companies who do charge by the hour. They charge by the hour because of the amount of research involved before the writing process. So if the copywriter needs to understand technical aspects and do a lot of research, they charge by the hour. So if your requirement is highly technical, you can go for a cost per hour model.

Cost Range: $30-50 / hour and above

Copywriting Rates Singapore

Article 1000 words (Generic) – $200-$500

Article 1000 words (Niche that require research) – $300-$1000

Web Content 1000 words (Generic) – $500-$1000

Web Content 1000 words (Extensive research) – $2000-$5000

Persuasive Sales Writing 500 words – $1000-$3000

Casual Writing (Social media content) 100 words – $100-$200

Newsletter Writing 500 words – $300-$500

Proofreading 1000 words – $100-$200

The Cost to Hire a Full-time Copywriter in Singapore

Hiring a full-time copywriter is an option, but if you are not in the media space, it’s highly likely that you are going to underuse your new hire. The cost of hiring a full-time copywriter can set you back by quite a bit. Here are some numbers
Junior Copywriter – 1 to 2 years of experience – $2k to $3k / month
Mid – Level Copywriter – 2 to 3 years of experience – $3k to $4k / month
Senior Level Copywriter – 5+ years of experience – $4k to $7k / month
Hiring a full-time copywriter is a big-time financial commitment and not recommended for most businesses as it’s ancillary to the marketing efforts.

Looking at the copywriting rates in Singapore, should you go premium?

The answer is yes. When it comes to web copywriting or even app copywriting. You need it once. You don’t need it on a weekly or a monthly basis. So it’s best to invest in something great and let the copy sell your product.

Novatise Writing Services

At Novatise we have a strong team of copywriters. Copywriters who have experience in a wide range of topics. We also have copywriters who are local to Singapore and can cater to the Singapore market very well.

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