Due to an emerging online competition, getting your business visibility online is really tough. There being over 40,000 searches on Google each second, it is important for a firm to generate traffic on their website through competent techniques such as PPC and SEO. Not just the two, there are a huge number of ways to enhance your web visibility. However, let us talk about SEO and PPC in the article below and find out which is better and how to identify what shall be the best for you.

The Difference SEO vs PPC

Pay Par Click (PPC) is a way of advertising a website where the advertisers pay for each time the ad is being clicked. The advertisers may use competent strategies and pay better compared to other brands offering the similar product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the other hand is a way where the website is placed according to the rank authorised and relevant to keywords. There are special techniques used by these websites to perform SEO effectively. The search engines give rankings to the website based on relevancy and authority. The efforts aren’t paid which evades SEO practices from calling an advertisement.

How to choose

Both SEO and PPC hold their own pros and cons. It ultimately depends on the business operations and analysing whether an investment of money, time and energy on one project is better than the other or not. The person also examines what will give faster results. The other factors that you can consider are the amount of time investment, costs, easy setup, short terms returns, long-term returns, trust of the customers, etc. While SEO has a lot of associated variables and involved steps. On the other hand, PPC can be set up within few hours.

The SEO costs will be lower, especially if you carry out the same from in house functions. On the other hand, there are huge costs involved in PPC as you have to pay for every click. Thus, depending on budget and affordability, decisions need to be taken.

SEO helps in the short term which requires continuous efforts on SEO practices of the website. The case isn’t the same in PPC. The site continues to get traffic till the add is posted.

The customers trust more on the rankings of search engines. They believe the search engines show the most relevant and trustworthy stuff which immensely helps in gaining popularity. However, the customer trust in case ices rather than personal. Stats also indicates that the traffic from organic search is 51% compared to the 10% traffic produced out of the PPC ads.

While PPC is quick, SEO owns the quality

Google wants to earn money. So, as much money you send to it, it will help you with a greater traffic that you might have not even thought of. This makes us believe PPC increases traffic quickly. However, it is always not necessary that the person visiting would surely buy your product. On the other hand, search engines show up your website only when people search for something that you have to offer. Thus, the chances of traffic converting into customers are more. This makes SEO less quick compared to PPC but ensures better quality.

PPC however, is good in terms of quality in certain situations especially when you aim at short-term traffic goals. For example, a ‘limited time offer’ could attract customers through ads. Purchases get faster at discounted rates. SEO will not help in short terms for it is a long term strategy where it may take months or even years to get their visibility online.

Thus, based on situations and circumstances, PPC and SEO hold their own benefits and negatives.
Information helps more than the ads

Sometimes the users making Google searches do not actually look forward to buying something but need accurate information from a reliable source. Research says customers do not trust digital advertisements but rely on accurate information from a reliable source that can influence their purchase decisions.
Thus for a brand to build its reputation, it needs to offer a high-quality information rather than a simple commercial ad. SEO gives an advantage of customers trust and building brand reputation. While SEO helps to build a brand image through relevant content, PPC, on the other hand, is about promotion through ads.

SEO vs. PPC for Startups

It’s hard for startups to rely on PPC strategies. A startup might not have enough funds to spend on every click of advertisement. On the other hand, a smart SEO technique can bring incredible advantages bridging the gaps of financial constraints and market success. Thus, differentiating between SEO and PPC, SEO wins in case of investment as a very minimal investment can bring tremendous results. SEO requires an understanding of your market, using relevant keywords, and adding appropriate content. It contains more of an analysis factor. On the other hand, AdWords is expensive but gives you effortless results.

Final words

With Novatise, you can get your website rank faster while the company offers both PPC as well as SEO services. The Novatise team ensures to make a complete study of the enterprise so that it can make a comprehensive research on keywords and other key areas imperative for a competent site ranking. It is only then it performs its services to improve web traffic through various methods of digital marketing.

Watch our video to understand more about SEO.

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