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It’s become something that is inevitable these days. It’s almost like breathing. Everybody is making an app and everybody intends on riding the mobile wave, however long it lasts.

A lot of startups and individuals don’t think twice if they need an app or not. An online store that is selling furniture may not need a mobile application because people may not buy through it, maybe its just sufficient to have a mobile responsive site.

So why go mobile?

Mobile is the next level of getting the attention of the user. It’s the medium that is right in the hands of the user and it’s most likely that they’ll interact with content on their mobile.

Before we get to how much it’ll cost you to make a mobile app. Let’s do where your business needs a website or an app. A company called Crew did a small side project called ‘Apps Vs Websites’ that helps us figure this question out.

Here are some example questions that helps you figure it out.

Here is the link to Apps Vs Websites.

app development cost singapore

So now that you’ve figured out whether you need to build an app or not, let’s get to the costing of it.

Gigster in San Francisco is a company that connects a person to top Software Developers. They did their own research and figured out that these are the costs to build an application based on type.

For iOS development

Here are the applications that were covered and these were the approximate costs…

  • Uber – $45,000 to $50,000

It’s pretty obvious because of the features in the Uber app. It’s real time, it uses the GPS and it’s highly interactive and needs to be super fast.

  • Facebook and Snapchat – $40,000

Social apps like Facebook and Snapchat were sub $40,000, but they have a lot of features like uploading a picture, real time feed and option for commenting.

  • Amazon – $45,000

An e-commerce app like Amazon has features like browsing through the app, adding a lot of products and should be able to handle heavy traffic that has a payment gateway attached to it.

  • Product Hunt – $ Below 35,000

An app like Product Hunt would set you back at least $35,000. It has features where you add new listings and check out existing ones and commenting. It’s pretty simple compared to all the apps above.

For Android

  • Uber type of apps would cost you around $38,000
  • An app like Tinder would cost around $35,000
  • A Yelp type of app would cost between $28,000 and $32,000
  • Snapchat would surprisingly not cost that much at all compared to the iOS version with the costing hovering between $24,000 and $28,000

Cost of hiring mobile app developers or mobile app development company in Singapore is quite similar to such costing highlighted.

You are paying these amount for these apps only because these numbers are quoted from the average software developers and don’t expect the app to be shipped in weeks. Those are the timelines for some the apps for the basic version or what developers mean by Minimum Viable Product, MVP.

Also, top software developers will cost you MUCH more. Novatise has the chance to work with some of the cream of the crop developers whom charge SGD$250/hour (no joke).

Apps like Uber, Airbnb and Tinder would take at least four – twelve months to ship. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat will take a minimum for three – six months.

All the above numbers are for the bare basic version of the application and for more extra features it would cost you half of the total cost. So if the cost to build an app is around $30,000 then for the complete version, it’ll at least take $45,000.

If these prices are too much for you, then you could always go to sites like and where you could get a bunch of developers to bid on your project where they would compete with each other on price. Platforms like this would give you a much cheaper option to building an app.

So I hope this article clears out any questions you have regarding pricing and helps you with making a decision when comes do developing mobile applications in Singapore. Making apps are not cheap after all and you’ll have to think twice or thrice before you go and invest in your idea.

The best way to start building an app is to build a basic prototype with free tools like Flinto and Marvel and go around and share those prototypes with your potential users and get their feedback on utility, ease of use, proof of concept. Show these prototypes to venture capitalists as well, who’ll give you honest feedback on your idea.

After gathering all this data, ask yourself if your idea is worth pursuing it or not and if it is worth pursuing find out if your users are primarily Android users or iOS users. Once you have that figured out, you can go about building your app.

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