What would you pay for getting your business in front of hundreds of thousands of people?

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You would have to pay thousands of dollars to get your business in front of of so many people.

What if we say, you can showcase your business to so many people at a percent of the cost?. If you are interested, read on.

In all of the marketing strategies and techniques used to grow a business, there is one that stands tall and is unmatched.

That’s getting a press release.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is when large news websites and publications on the internet cover a business and publish an article on their website. Some of the biggest publications are FOX, Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW Tv, WND and more.

These releases are simple content pieces that are a matter of fact, that explain the services of the organization and a few words from the founder.

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Is a Press Release good for SEO?

Press releases were for a long time, an announcement to the world about things your company did. It still is for the same thing, but SEO is different.

Previously PR people, over used the press release and got penalized by Google because they put links in bad websites that brought down the ranking of the site that put the press release out.

If done correctly with a legitimate service, a press release can provide, legitimate backlinks to your business that can boost your ranking in Singapore.

Why is a press release important?

A press release in simple terms is showcasing your company in front of thousands of readers. No channel has this kind of reach without spending a huge amount on advertising. Some other channels that has this kind of reach is

  • Television advertising
  • Billboards in central locations

But as you might know, these two forms of advertising are ridiculously expensive. It only makes sense for large organizations that have the deepest of pockets.

So a press release can be a budget-friendly way to get eyeballs. But, it is hard to get.

Getting Press is Hard

You cannot pay to get a press release. If it was that easy, thousands of companies would just pay to get their press release submitted. So what are the other pitfalls?

  1. Insane competition :

There are millions of organizations worldwide that compete to get a press release. This isn’t restricted to just organizations. Actors, Musicians and people in the entertainment industry are also looking to get covered. This means, a reporter gets inundated with requests that are spammy and adding to that will lead to nowhere.

  1. Pitching Style :

Even though a business has a great product, pitching to the press is a skill that has to be learned. It’s like sales, where you need to promote your product in an interesting way, otherwise, you will not be considered.

So how does a business get press? We might have the answer.

The Art of Getting Press to Have Better SEO Result

Getting covered in a top publication takes a lot of effort and time. It also requires building relationships with the right people.

Over our 5 year existence, Novatise has formed a lot of relationships with reporters and website owners and we are leveraging this to get press.

You cannot throw money at this solution, it does not work. This is why we are one of those rare agencies who are able to provide this service.

So now you’re interested and want to see how it works.

Case Study of Novatise

There’s no point in talking about a service without seeing how it works or sees past results.

We wanted to see how well our Press service works, so we decided to do a press release for our business. We were upgrading our Novatise website and we wanted coverage for that.

Objective: Promote Novatise’ new and upgraded website.

Link Building Process :

We identified top publications and their ancillary websites that could cover our business. We identified a total of 529 websites.

We started submitting our releases to these websites and soon they were covered.

Here is an example of a press release that is covered.

We made a list of publications, their type, industry, traffic based on geography and a potential audience size.

press release for novatise

Some of these publications had visitors in the millions, like the ones above. We estimated the size of the traffic and we measured it out to be 101 million.

press releases seo

The press release was also covered in Google with the following results.

novatise press release

Our Press Release Service

As you can see, this is the level and depth of our service. We go in-depth and customise the service based on the needs of a business.

What we offer

The Best Brands

At Novatise, we want to work with the best brands and that means we will cover your business in the best of publications. Here are a few publications that we work with.

US press release

The Content

Press release content needs to be in a certain style. So we pick our writers with the best press release experience and ask them to come up with top quality content that can be shared on the sites.

The Data

We provide an in-depth analysis of all the publications your business is covered in. We provide traffic estimates, country of reach and individual links of all the specific articles.

What would the service cost?

We will get your press release in front of thousands of audiences just for the price of  SGD$300 (Limited Time offer)

Order HERE.

Are you wondering why is the cost so low for such an important service?

We honestly want small and medium businesses to get the benefit of press releases like how the Fortune 500 companies do. We sat internally to come up with a good cost that is affordable for companies, from which they can derive value.

We know, we can charge thousands of dollars for a service such as this, but the point of our organization would be lost. We are here to help businesses grow and have come up with a price that can be justified.

Are you unsure, still?

If you are still unsure of the mechanics of this service, reach out to us. You can speak to us, person to person and understand it better.

If you are convinced, then you can go to our portal, pay for the service and then we will get in touch with you to explain the process.

Click here to access our portal and pay for the service. 

Trust your Link Building through Press Release in our hands!

If you would like a fuss-free approach, see Novatise Managed SEO Agency Services.


Disclaimer : Getting a press release is subjective, and depends on various factors, such as the type of business and a willingness from the publisher to post the content. We don’t guarantee a press release for every business or don’t guarantee a certain amount of traffic for all businesses.


We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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