Just like most products in the world, content writing or blog writing has a wide range of value attached to it.

You can go to the local market and pick a perfume bottle for $10 or you can go to a high end mall and pick up a $200 Issey Miyake.

seo content product

Is there a difference?

There will definitely be a difference in terms of quality, the smell, how long the smell lasts and the impact it has on other people.

I have friends who argue, that the perfume Industry is a sham and there’s no difference between a high end perfume and a mediocre perfume. That is an understandable argument. The value isn’t clear.

But the Content writing / SEO  world is very very different. Especially in Singapore.

The difference between a high quality post and a low quality piece is visible. You can feel it, when you are reading the material and you’ll know its worth.

But what it does to your business is even more telling. So what is an article worth to you?

Let’s help you out with that.

The type of SEO Content Service Providers out there

Before we get to the value of an article. We need to understand the players in the market.

The Under Cutters

If you really want an article written for cheap you can. You jump to Fiverr search for SEO article writing services, you’ll get a list of services that do this. The price will range from $5 to $100 and sometimes even more.

The turnaround time will be super quick and you will have a full and ready article for $10. But what does it do to your business?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

It’s just a piece of content that you would put on your blog. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • It’s not going to make you money
  • It’s not going to bring traffic to your site
  • It’s not going to improve your domain or site authority

So why do people choose Fiverr writing services?

There’s nothing to it, other than it being cheap.

The value provided by a person who charges quite less is nothing other than being the cheapest in the market.

The In-betweeners

The next in the list of service providers are the ones who do a bit more than the undercutters. They’ll do a basic keyword research. They’ll try to identify what keywords to target and what has lesser competition and so on.

They’ll write a beautiful article that will be grammatically correct and will have all the necessary keywords and on site SEO in place.

They’ll push out the article on social media and other channels and they’ll cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

Will it work?

It might and it might not.

SEO is much more than doing just the basics. There are lot of strategies to be implemented and it has a bit of secret sauce to it.

The inbetweeners will cost you, but don’t guarantee results.

The Result Providers

The result providing companies follow a process and that is

  • Goal of the client
  • Content idea generation
  • Choose the content
  • Research – Keyword Research, LSI Keywords, Content Research
  • Style of content – The content is written based on the readers
  • Images and social
  • Editing
  • Completion
  • SEO Magic

How to Write SEO Content for Website

Generally after the article is written and tested for readability, the SEO works start. The SEO team have a checklist of items that they go through and their one main goal is to rank your page higher.

If you are wondering what kind of results a Result Providing company like Novatise will give you, here is a sneak peek.

SEO Content Writing Samples

Case Study #1 : Red White Mobile – Mobile Phones Niche

Keyword : “ iPhone X Singapore Price”

Ranking : Page 1

redwhitemobile - seo content marketing by novatise

One of the toughest niches on the Internet to sell is the Mobile Phone. Ranking organically and reaching page one is very difficult. We helped Red White Mobile establish themselves as one of the premier mobile phone retailers in the Singapore market.

Case Study # 2 : Novatise – Services

Keyword :  “Cost of Setting up a Website in Singapore” (services niche)

Ranking : Page #1

novatise web design keyword ranking

The services niche has tremendous competition and the mobile app development keyword is sought after because of the revenue potential. We pushed our article to promote our Web Design services and have increased leads exponentially because of our presence in the first page of Google.

Case Study #3 : Locomole – Travel Niche

Keyword :  “Clarke Quay Nightlife” (travel niche)

Ranking : Page #1

locomole - novatise article seo content

Tourism is big in Singapore and one of the top destinations in Singapore is Clarke Quay because of the many number of nightlife joints. We helped our client Locomole rank in the first page for places to visit in Clarke Quay. That in turn led to downloads of their mobile applications.

Case Study #4 : Jezbrows – Services Niche

Keyword : “6d Eyebrow Embroidery” (service niche)

Ranking : Page #1

jezbrows - novatise case study for content marketing

Jezbrows is a makeup clinic in Singapore and they came to us, asking to improve their walk-ins through online channels. We helped them rank with a content piece about eyebrow embroidery.

Case Study #5 :  Wood capitol:

Keyword : “Suar Wood” (product niche”)   

Ranking : Page #1

woodcapitol case study novatise seo content

Woodcapitol is a furniture maker in Singapore that competes against some larger players. Suar Wood is a type of wood that is popular in south east asia and we helped them rank for this high profile keyword.

Here are some salient points

A good SEO company can rank irrespective of the niche

A good SEO company have a process in place

A good SEO company has consistently performed over the years

A good SEO company focus on readability of the article mixed with SEO efforts

A good SEO company knows the value of a solid SEO article and price accordingly.

A good SEO company doesn’t rely on overtly technical articles to rank.

To conclude, a good SEO company just doesn’t charge for the sake of charging. They have a team working behind the scenes trying to boost the article in a methodical manner.

If you are looking for results, then choose the companies that focus on getting results.

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Testimonials from Novatise’s Customers

“ We have been working consistently with Novatise and they have improved our rankings considerably. I trust them completely with our SEO efforts”

Anthony Xu, Wood Capitol. 

Our online channel was literally built from scratch by Novatise and Jon. We had only purchases from our stores and now we have considerable online presence and the walk-ins have increased because of the constant marketing efforts online

Simon Lee, Red White Mobile.

If you wish to have our words help you to rank for your web pages, check out our Copywriting Services.

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