Digital marketing is a marketing term that has broadly risen in the recent times. For those who are new to the marketing realm, they might find this phrase to be quite sophisticated in understanding. However, many Singapore companies are seen to adopt this term in order to increase their future sales and reputation in the market.

Doing Digital Marketing in Singapore

Do you locate digital marketing to be tough? Yes, it is a complex term. Numerous businesses have failed to digitally market their companies just because they weren’t cognizant of the complexities they had to face while marketing. Thus, it is imperative that one learns the actual meaning of digital marketing and its complexities.

Also, people have various myths about digital marketing. This expression is enclosed by ditching the vague and incredibly mendacious myths. These myths are the actual reasons that cause failure to a business in digital marketing.

One believes that digital marketing does not cost us anything, it is easy to market the business, it is an all-in-one business outputs, etc.

All these myths have a very high impact. Thus, let us find out what the myths about digital marketing are and what the actual truth behind this term is.

Myth #1 Digital Marketing solves all the business requirements

The first and foremost highly effecting myth assumes that digital marketing can solve all your business needs. In the world where internet and technology have highly evolved, the entire business is dependent on digital marketing. We cannot use traditional marketing in the digital world as it is no more effective.  Though traditional marketing is costlier to the business, it leaves a long lasting impression in the customer market.

But what is the truth? The truth is that digital marketing is the most important aspect of marketing business in the digital world. However, it is not a cure to all your business needs. It involves marketing over the internet as well as traditional methods. A combination of both contributes to the commercialization of business.

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Myth #2 Digital marketing is comparatively easier than traditional marketing

One believes that digital marketing has a straight forward process and ensures results within no time. It is simpler than traditional marketing in the sense that all you are required to do is build a blog, set up social media profiles and start posting about your business.

What’s the reality? The reality is creating awareness over social media involves a lot of competition in the market. Thus, in order to really entice customers, it requires a lot of time and effort. Sometimes, you might also experience negative results causing frustration and disappointment.

Myth #3 it is a ‘set it and forget it’ method!

People interpret business in the real world as ‘if you build it, they will come.’ They have a viewpoint that digital marketing is all about allocating a fixed budget and forget it till the next term.

But is that so? The truth is only posting on a blog or social media and leaving it as it does not work. You won’t get enough traffic on your blog until you spread awareness about it. A well-executed strategy is demanded in order to achieve optimum results.

Myth #4 Digital marketing is free

One understands digital marketing as a way of marketing your business without incurring any cost. They have a perception that all you need to do is make a free social media profiles and start posting for the target audiences.

Truth? The fact is digital marketing costs you an amount. Though not as much as traditional marketing, but it can fetch you useful results if you get some amount invested. Digital marketing is known to provide you 3 times greater results than traditional marketing and costing less.

Myth #5 Digital marketing fetches you ROI right away

This myth assumes that as soon as you build a digital marketing campaign, you will make your ROI right away.

However, the reality is if marketers spend some amount for every click, they can get 3 to 4 times a better number of audience. It ‘s hard to get ROI right away. You need to make a good amount of efforts.

Myth #6 Digital marketing is effective with larger quantities

When you bring out an enormous amount of content, add thousands of clicks on this content, generate a tremendous amount of links, you get your optimum results from digital marketing.

What is the reality? Though earlier this statement was valid when there was not much competition in the digital world, today it does not stand with any significance. In order to get your content on the top in the search engines, you need to maintain quality rather than quantity. These links or clicks do not work anymore. All you need is the quality of work.

Myth #7 Digital Marketing is a young generation thing

We assume that digital marketing is more widespread among people who are below 25 years of age.

Is that true? No, it isn’t. Reports mention that people about the age group 25 to 34 are more active on social media like Facebook. They constitute over 29.7% of the total users. International business times has also highlighted that Facebook is more popular among people of age group 25 to 55. So, you can easily make out the revelation from this data.

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Myth #8 Digital Marketing works Great only for some businesses

Last but not the least; it is a common belief that digital marketing is applicable only for companies that are purely online. It does not work for brick and mortar business firms. Digital marketing also implies over those businesses, which are more into the technical terms.

However, the truth is, today every brick and mortar business works as a brick and click business. Creating awareness over the internet does not involve a huge amount of technical knowledge. Any business firm can get active over social media and work great using a good digital marketing strategy.

Now let us conclude….

Thus, it is very important that a person entering into the digital world is aware about these myths and realities so that he makes a valid plan for his business, especially so if your looking for a web design agency in Singapore to.

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