In Walter Issacson’s biography of Steve Jobs he mentions the mindset of jobs that was almost a business necessity where he would bet the entire company on a new technology and would point all the efforts towards that. The tech architecture would change and everything would align with the new vision.

Every once in a while there needs to be a transformation for your business especially in a country like Singapore. You’ll need a rehaul, change of strategy, change of thinking. This helps in keeping you fresh and nimble. Clearing away the old methods that don’t work and modernizing the business and taking advantage of the latest offerings in every field like tech and marketing will do wonders

A full rehaul involves the following


Website Re-Design

I can get a theme : Website re-design has a bad reputation sometimes and especially recently because people think, why do I want to spend so much money for a designer and developer when I can get a quick WordPress theme that costs $50 to buy and another $50 to implement.

Issues with a theme : Now, the problem with this attitude is, you don’t get a solution that is catered to your situation. There are a lot of bells and whistles on those themes that are downright unnecessary and make your website bloated. Also, modern design advances at such a rapid pace that there are many important and necessary marketing set-ups like the exit intent pop-up and share to tweet that are necessary for engagement and conversions. All these you don’t find in a theme. A theme is a good for a young startup that hasn’t figured out it’s revenue potential.

Go Customized : When you build your website from scratch and to your needs. You take care a lot of things on the way. The branding is exactly how you want it, the CMS system is set up for your comfort. Your website is optimized for your conversion.

If for example, yours is an e-commerce store, do you require a contact us page with a huge contact form. Maybe not. A good design company figure out what your most important conversions are and set-up the entire website based on that.

Keyword Research Strategy

Keyword research is a process that you need to follow to rank well on Google.

When you are doing an overhaul, it’s imperative that you start with a clean slate. Do not use any of your old strategies and bring it into the new website. Businesses change, people change, almost everything changes.


For Creating Pages : You’ll need to embark on a new keyword research strategy that sets up your content marketing strategy as well, we’ll get to that in a bit. The keyword research strategy also helps create your pages. Many digital agencies create pages based on the keywords, say there are two to three high ranking keywords that your company needs to rank for, they create individual pages dedicated to those keywords that are also relevant to your business.


An Idea of your business : Keyword research also helps you get an idea of your business, what people are searching for, which products have the most demand and helps you with focusing on a few opportunities that aren’t tapped yet.


For Content Marketing : One of the most important uses of a Keyword Analysis is creating a content marketing plan. You’ll need content to survive as an online business these days. But what is the kind of content you need to create? You’ll need some ideas, but what if those ideas aren’t relevant to your users. Keyword Research can help in this area.


Handling the Old Content and URL’s

An overhaul involves deciding what to do with your old content. Some organizations that have been around for a while (> 5 years) have a lot of content that is written. Some are useful and necessary. Some might just be dead and not provide any value to the business. This just clutters the entire site and doesn’t keep you in control of whatever is out there.

A good suggestion is, to remove what doesn’t work yet. Here is a small list that can be used as a suggestion


  • Any page that gets lesser than 20 page views when an average page on your site gets more than 100.
  • Any page that doesn’t have internal links or external links or is badly optimized
  • Doing 301 Redirects. 301 Redirects are important to maintain a clean link profile in SEO.

increase revenue re-design website singapore

This can save your business

An overhaul is kind of akin to taking stock of your physical and mental health and fixing all the issues that can cause future harm. Prevention is better than cure.

One of the main reasons to do this, is to actually keep pace with competition. It is impossible to beat a company who is armed with technology that you don’t have. If their marketing is automated and yours is still manual, it’s very hard to come close to being effective in comparison to them.

Who should you hire to do an Overhaul

A lot of companies who are in a position to do an overhaul will actually have an in-house team. The issue with using an in-house team is, their skillset is limited to the requirements of the business.

An overhaul involves out of the box thinking and it needs professionals who do this on a regular basis.

A Design and Development Agency including a SEO agency is somebody you need to look out for. Here are the things they can do for you

  • They can design a website that uses the latest design standards, that is aesthetically pleasing and that showcases your business as a modern tech enabled business
  • They can develop a website focused on your needs and conversions
  • They set-up the right marketing tools that can capture leads or add the social triggers that aid the user in sharing your content
  • They identify keyword opportunities that you need to rank for
  • They set-up a content marketing plan including a content calendar that you just need to execute
  • They set-up analytics that collects data and tells you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong in terms of your marketing


An overhaul is a must, especially for bigger businesses. Get an overhaul done and see your traffic and revenue increase considerably.

Talk to our team if you wish to double your revenue for your Singapore Business. We do have great case studies to share.


We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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