SEO has been a huge conversation whenever it comes to making your website popular and trustful by Google. Even then, the old sites seem to be far ahead of today’s new and developing websites. Though today’s websites are equipped with enough backlinks, regular updates, huge following, and subscribers, old websites still hold the major relevance that the new websites couldn’t. However, this does not imply that there is no hope for new upcoming websites today. It is all about applying techniques and strategizing to increase traffic to your website even if it’s a new one. New before we go ahead discussing the tips to improve traffic, it is necessary to document your strategy and keep analysis of your progress and marketing efforts.

Let us talk about some of the easy to follow plans to increase traffic for a new website:

1) Keyword research

This is the first and foremost step you take while writing content for your web pages. The keywords are certain phrases that determine your overall focus of the article. A person searching answers for the similar content you have to provide looks up to it by typing the same keywords in the search engine. A keyword rich content will help the reader quickly access your content. A huge competition persists in the online market. There are thousands of people who have similar stuff to sell like you have. Thus, ranking your website to the top in the search engines gets highly imperative. The keyword not just enriches your availability on Google and other search engines but also helps you show your availability on social media.

Do a proper research of the keywords. Find out what people look up for mostly. There might be many keywords you would want to consider but studying your audience helps you find the most relevant ones.

2) Guest blogging

This is another successful method of making your new URL visible on the web. Guest posting holds tremendous benefits. However, while performing guest blogging, always look for blogs that entertain your target audience. Consequently, there are three significant factors one should consider while opting for guest blogging. Firstly, choose the right blogs depending on the selection of your audience. The ultimate aim of guest blogging should be to reach your target audience through other popular blogs. Secondly, create high-quality content. No editor will accept your low-quality content especially if they keep the SEO practices to their priorities. Thus, create engaging write-up as to attract visitors to your site and get more subscribers. A high-quality content ensures high reputation as well as sound conversions through guest posting. Last but not the least, include backlinks to your site. Check out if the editor lets you post backlinks to your website. If not, no worries! You can still write taking advantage of the author by-line.

3) Advertisement

Being an owner of the website, no technique can pay you off your work overnight. It takes time and efforts to get the returns. SEO practices and content marketing are the most popular strategies that pay off better than other methods. One can resemble advertising as a tap. AS you open the tap, you see the water flowing. The water is the audience you target. Thus, advertising gets you a constant flow of visitors provided you rightly follow the advertising techniques. To perform effective advertisements, make sure you invest in advertising only where you know your target audience reach. There is no point in advertising at random locations. Research says, 54% of visitors do not click the banner ads. When the visitors don’t, what’s the point in spending to create banner ads. Moreover, do not rely only on one advertising method. There should be a leverage among paid searches, display advertising, and social media advertising to improve traffic to your new URL.

improve web traffic

4) Improve your social media following

Social media is one of the best and the cheapest platforms to reach your audience. It is the only place where you can arrive at a maximum number of your readers. One should pick up all the social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. to promote their new URL. Create posts, pages, groups and try to get a huge number of subscribers and likes to your posts. This will enrich your visibility on social media ultimately leading to visitors on your website. Social media marketing not just creates your availability but also helps you improve in the search rankings. Share tips, quotes and everything that feels relevant to the readers on social media influencing them to visit your website.

5) Enrich your email list

Some people would like to hear from you every time to post something. One gives them an option to subscribe to your website. This enables you to send emails to your subscribers on any update made. Email marketing allows you to create conversations on a regular basis and enables the potent traffic to become your regular customers too. Getting more and more number of subscribers does not help you market only a single post on your website but makes sure your subscribers have daily notifications allowing them to visit your URL again and again. Getting subscribers isn’t easy, however, isn’t impossible too. Every website has its pop-ups asking people to subscribe to their list. Ask people through social media to subscribe if they like the website, etc.

Final word

The Internet has emerged in the global market rather swiftly. It has made different nations of the entire world into one. It is a source of opportunities and living to millions of people. Most of them holding their own websites seem to be unhappy for their non-success. Consequently, following the five tactics mentioned above can help you realise a huge difference. Make sure you have been calculating and performing stats on your progress each day following these tips. Getting famous is not an overnight journey. It takes time, efforts, passion and tremendous hard work. Moreover, the hard work does pay off!

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