While one has to consider a number of aspects of business, running a business yourself gets a hectic work. Though there is an option of outsourcing the non-core work of the company to outside agencies, one incurs enormous costs. Hiring additional employees again increases your cost on payment of salaries. In order to save time and money both, what could be a perfect alternative? The technology obviously. It is the sole sector that has enhanced the efficiency of each and every aspect of business. By systematizing some of your business tasks, it is easy to focus on the core functions such as making revenue. So, let us consider some online tools that can make your business more efficient and effective.

Set up your business

While building your business, it is important to carry out the functions efficiently. What would have you analyse this? Make an analysis of how much time and money would it take if you outsource the task and if you don’t. Compare their efficiency of results. Now, use this data to analyse what improvement can you make to settle your current business process. Look out for methods that can improve the optimum efficiency of the company.

Online marketing

The internet and the social media have eased the stress of marketing functions. Though marketing is a very time-consuming process, online tools like Vision6, Mail Chimp, AWeber have turned out the marketing operations easier. One can automate email marketing process that lets you avoid employing people or outsourcing the same. Automated mails let you keep your customer engaged as long as they are subscribed. Use blogging methods and social media to promote your activities. The best part here is one does not have to waste time during the busy schedules. The posts can be programmed to display on exact dates letting you concentrate on the core work during business function time. Linking to accounts like Jetpack further using tools like HootSuite can help you systematize your social media presence. The tool lets you use to all the social media accounts at one place.

Admin and Office

The administration and office pose a very tedious work. If actions aren’t taken for the same, it can actually slow down your company. Thus, there are numerous online tools here that one can use to systematise the tasks. Evernote is one of the preferred sections that lets your business store notes, accounts, tasks, contacts, etc. It is responsible for keeping the complete information organised letting you avoid terrible paperwork. Herolocity is another tool helpful for a business to connect hundreds of web applications on a single platform. It allows the company to handle online orders, appointments, phone systems, invoicing and every other tedious function that keeps you back from making more revenue. Further, there are applications like Shoeboxed; you can scan all your receipts and send to the Evernote. Thus, this basically reduces your strain of data entry. On the other hand, some tools help you backup, save and share your files. For this particular function, one can consider Box or Dropbox applications. They are free apps letting you opt advanced features while you see your company expanding.


Tools such as Contact form 7 can be used for letting people connect with you with their queries and feedbacks. This application is so amazing and convenient as a customer can connect with you 24/7. The FAQs can be added to the website that will help you answer the common queries of your clients. Zen Desk is a perfect tool to organise and manage the problems that your customers would be facing. Further, there are numerous software that assist in customer relationship management. With the expansion of your company, it is important to start managing your clients through identifying the most potent buyers. Applications like Salesforce can help you identify all the data, mechanize your sales funnel and identify hot leads automatically.

Business tasks and projects

There are numerous business tools like Trello that help you assign different users to different tasks. It authorizes you to do so whilst you label, attach files and anchor deadlines. Every function is offered a checklist. Asana, are some of the management tools that allow you to supervise your business projects.

Accounting, sales, and inventory

Automating the accounting tasks can help you save huge. Applications like Xero has allowed the businessmen to log in and consider the payroll, invoices quickly. It also helps you identify accounting errors made and fixes them up. The software being accessible on the cloud, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can automate the money-making tasks too such as ordering online or opting for a shopping cart. In order to systematise these functions, one can opt for tools such as woo commerce accessible 24/7 to the customers. Consequently, one can also keep track of budget online. ‘You need a budget’ is one the popular softwares that let you find out where you actually tend to spend money. It permits you to distinguish the sections where you are overspending and helps you warn for it can harm your business.


The employees are the only assets that are unique in every business firm. It is based on their potent how well a company operates in the market. The applications such as Recruiterbox helps you keep a track and respond to the requests of new applicants. It helps you to manage job opening, assign job roles and perform different parts of the recruitment processes. The significant time investment and cost-incurring area is the training section. Once you have hired your employees, it is highly imperative to train them. To this, you can use an online trainer who actually trains the employees using audios, videos, how to journals, etc. Each of the material is accessible only with the password assigned to the employee.

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Final word

Using your own website, you have different opportunities available for managing your business. Right from hiring and training your employees to keeping records of the accounts of your business, everything has access to the internet. Moreover, many other applications offer unique functions like FindMyShift. This application lets you manage lunch breaks, employees’ holidays and a lot more. These applications are worth using and can really help you get away from stressful business operations.

If all of the above Tools we mentioned do not help in your business, consult us and we shall build a FROM SCRATCH software for you (prepare to burn a big hole in your pocket though).

We help SMEs in Singapore to create digital solutions to increase sales and productivity. At Novatise, we work in a lean environment as such, no sales person is involved.

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