While there are plenty of frameworks that can be used for development, Ruby on Rails seems to offer the best results on the market, especially in Singapore, even if solutions like Django or Spring can also be very good ideas. In this article you are going to see the Ruby on Rails advantages and why you should try to use it as one of the best development platforms that you can find right now.

Rapid development

Most of the startups nowadays have a very small budget and that on its own can be a very demanding thing for sure. You want a lot of stuff done fast and that can be hard to achieve, but with Ruby on Rails everything is natural and done in the best possible manner.

What Ruby on Rails does is that it manages to fit with the rapid development process because it has the ability to offer a great convention over the configuration. You get a much better configuration right off the bat, so you don’t have to waste time on that. Instead, you are free to jump directly to the coding aspect instead of having to set up stuff all the time, and that can be very impressive for sure.

Why create lots of configurations when you set up the site when you can spend that time working on making your website better and improving it from other standpoints? This is what makes Ruby on Rails great, because it reduces the time spent on configuration and it makes the usage process a lot better. With this framework you just get straight to the point, which is coding and creating the project you would wish for.

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Convention Over Configuration

Convention make is easy to set the development culture of your startup. The idea here is that each dev has its own coding style, and this is why it’s a very good idea to offer a better environment which all professionals can see as useful and which can be customized as per their own requirements. With convention over configuration, developers will maintain a specific coding convention and that means that the code base will be a lot easier to access by any other developer.

If you want to create your own team, this is an essential thing to do for sure. Ruby on Rails helps adopt multiple practices that will optimized all methods used for the delivery. You can even modify the configuration if you want, in order to make everything simpler and more feasible as a whole. Rails also allows you to adopt best practices if you so desire, something that provides developers with plenty of possibilities. It’s a platform that improves in a constant fashion, and that on its own can be very impressive for sure.

Test driven development

Since startups are changing the strategies in order to fit the market, Ruby on Rails can help them prevent any issues within the code as well as bugs, all thanks to a constantly evolving base. It uses automated test cases in order to get the best possible outcome, and in the end the experience can be more than rewarding which is a major plus. Ruby on Rails is all about testing and obtaining the best possible results, and that’s what matters the most here, the fact that it offers the highest quality testing libraries all the time.

This lead to a whole bunch of amazing results here, such as the ability to access multiple code refactoring features as well as more stable Ruby libraries that are open source. Since this framework is 10 years old, it’s quite mature and it does offer plenty of great results all the time which is a major plus.

Developers stick with Ruby on Rails because it’s bringing in front a great testing development, as well as convention over configuration that really makes the entire process more rewarding and focused on details. All of these combined manage to provide a higher quality development of web applications!

Rails framework

Ruby on Rails is a framework that was created to offer a boost in productivity and at the same time it makes it very easy to improve the coding process as a whole. Ruby on Rails is a lot easier to customize and the fact that you can maximize the developer productivity while using it definitely recommends this framework as being one of the best on the market for sure.

Opting for Ruby on Rails is more than just finding the best framework, it’s also about choosing a good community, great practices and the best features that will allow you to grow your business and obtain great practices as a result. It’s a wonderful practice and one that can bring in front astounding results all the time. This is surely one of the best web development platforms out there, so don’t hesitate and give it a try, you will be amazed with the results.

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